Friday in Frisco

Happy Friday to everyone!  Who knows, maybe the Cowboys make it two in a row this Sunday (you’re right, let’s not get ahead of ourselves).  This morning I had a nice time speaking to the good folks at the Richardson Kiwanis Club and later today I’ll be at Julian T. Saldivar Elementary School for their Career Day.  

Did you know that Frisco Manager Steve Buechele has a younger brother named Eric who is a teacher at Arlington High School?  He’s also the golf coach there and he invited me out to Arlington yesterday to speak to some of his kids about the fun world of getting a job!  Eric is a super guy and his kids were terrific.  
I’m now beginning to weed through the applicants for our two 2011 Internships.  We’ve had a nice group of candidates apply for our  Broadcasting/Media Relations internship, and I just posted our strictly Media Relations internship.  If you know anyone who might want to apply they can learn more about both positions here.  
Plenty of good football this weekend, enjoy it!
– Aaron 

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Just found your blog. I look forward to seeing more.

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