2010 Audio Highlights

One of the most daunting tasks of any broadcaster during the offseason is going through all the “tape” from the past season.  Even though we call it “tape,” it’s anything but.  I, like virtually every broadcaster, record every game and interview into a digital .mp3 recorder.  It uses an SD card just like your digital camera.  
After lots of hours of patient listening, I’ve narrowed down the 2010 season into roughly two minutes of highlights.  There were many more highlights than these, for sure.  This simply represents some of my favorite moments and calls from the 2010 season.  
This reminds me, if you ever listen to a pre-game interview and would like a copy, feel free to email me and I can always email you the .mp3 of any pre-game conversation.  
As we count down the days until the club’s home opener on April 7th, maybe these highlights will hold you over.  At least for a couple of minutes.


– Aaron

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