What Do We Do?

Well, you are going to find out today. During today’s game, we are going to give you an inside look at what a day in the life of a broadcaster and a studio host entails.

(NOTE: The updates are in chronological order.)


10:00 a.m.: Aaron arrives for duty at ONEOK Field. Normally, he would come with the team, but the shorter trip made it easy for him to take his own car.

10:30: I arrive at our studios at Dr Pepper Ballpark. It is weird to be up in a booth and not see fans in the stands and players on the field.

11:00: By this point, Aaron’s scorebook is ready to go. He gave you an idea of how those look after the RoughRiders blew out Northwest Arkansas Friday night. I have recorded our pre-game show intro, and I am preparing to go on with the pre-game show at 11:35.

During this time, Aaron also sent me a few pictures of his incredible breakfast spread at ONEOK Field. Around any league, the quality of the food will change from one place to the other. And in the Texas League, Tulsa is right at the top of the list.

11:10: Fortunately, it hasn’t been a hectic day despite the early start time. When you are “behind the scenes” in baseball, an early game is awful before it begins and amazing after it ends. The preparation normally begins the night before, and you roll through the day on little sleep.

I would compare it to final exams in college. We cram a day’s worth of preparation into an hour or two before we go to sleep and the few hours we have before the game begins. But kids, don’t cram for exams. Always keep up on your studies. I may not have done it, but I have heard it is smart.

11:30: The pre-game show is about to start. Aaron takes the first segment, we chat about the game in the second segment, and I take the third and the fourth segments. Then, it’s out to ONEOK Field for all of the action. You can listen live to all of the action here.

12:05 p.m.: Now that the game is underway, Aaron does his thing and paints a great picture of the game. For me, this is a time to run our “Extra Bases Blog” and produce the game.

When someone produces a game, he or she is the one who orders and plays the commercials that you hear between innings. We run everything in house, so it is all up to me to make sure that everything is played correctly. That being said, Aaron and I both hear many of these commercials two or three times per day, every day. It is safe to say that we have memorized some of the more popular ones.

Now, while I produce the game, I will write a story on the Texas League’s Pitcher of the Week–Frisco’s Richard Bleier.

12:30: The release on Bleier is done, but I have sent it off for a quick edit. It will be up on the website soon. Now, it is time for me to prep for my first scoreboard update, which comes up after the top of the third inning.

I’ll show you how I organize information for that in a little bit. By the way, 0-0, bottom of the second between Frisco and Tulsa.

12:55: I just finished my first scoreboard update, which is 90 seconds of me blabbering about the Texas League and the Rangers’ organization. Today, things are a little easier because only one game is going on (low-A Hickory). But you can see how I organize this sheet. Normally, there is much more text.

1:15: It is fun to watch baseball as a whole on a day-to-day basis. Some guys make it even more fun, and one of those players for the ‘Riders this year has been Leonys Martin. He has four RBIs as the RoughRiders lead Tulsa 5-2 through three and a half.

During all of these runs, Aaron is busy cutting up the highlights from Martin’s two-run homer and two-run single. He will play those during the scoreboard show.

1:35: The Richard Bleier Pitcher of the Week story that I wrote a little while ago has been posted online. The posting process normally takes about five minutes. Now, it’s time to prepare for my second scoreboard update of the broadcast after the top of the 6th.

1:55: Once the game starts to reach the late innings, Aaron begins to ramp up his highlight editing and I start to write the game story. I also keep the Extra Bases Blog going, and we’ve been talking about a possible All-Star berth for Leonys Martin. It’s a pretty interesting debate to have.

2:10: I am about set to finally start writing the game story as the ‘Riders take a 5-4 lead into the eighth. I fell behind because I was finishing up a new feature that we have at ridersbaseball.com. It’s called the “Dr Pepper Ballpark Planner,” and it sets the table for the upcoming home stand. Check out this week’s version. It will be a busy four days in Frisco!

2:40: Right now, the “frame” of my game recap is done. I have a few things to add and adjust as the ninth inning progresses, but I am close to being done–that is, unless something very significant happens. I have to be careful of that, which is why a comeback by the Drillers would haunt my game story. These are the things guys like me worry about. Frisco leads 5-4 in the top of the ninth.

3:00: The game is over, and the ‘Riders win it 9-4. Now, my multi-tasking skills begin. I will post the game story, produce and post-game show, and do a few segments on the air. I will update afterward!

3:40: Well, the broadcast is over and the story has been posted online. The team is about set to head back to Frisco after a 6-0 road trip. Other than a few technical problems, it was a smooth day for Aaron and me. Thanks for taking part, and we hope you enjoyed an inside look at the life of a broadcaster!

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