It was fitting. After a weekend back home for my college graduation, I boarded a flight from Cleveland’s airport to DFW. As a Cavaliers fan now living near Dallas, I decided to pony up some dough for a Mavs shirt (I’m pictured on the right with Reid Copeland, media relations assistant and Mavericks fanatic). I wore it yesterday, and I couldn’t have been happier about it.

The Mavericks have an unbalanced schedule next year. They will play 42 home games and 40 road games. Dirk and the Mavs WILL get a standing ovation at Quicken Loans Arena next year when the Mavs are in Ohio.

All of this being said, I hope the Mavs start to get more attention nationally. However, it seems that the “story” is the Heat losing. Regardless, this is the Mavericks’ time, and all of those guys deserve it.

Now that I’m back, here is an overdue edition of the Facts.


  • The all-star rosters for this year’s game in San Antonio will be announced today around 2 p.m. The game takes place June 29 from the Wolff.
  • Speaking of San Antonio, the Missions’ victory paired with the RoughRiders’ loss yesterday clinched the first-half South Division title. The Missions certainly deserve it after starting the 2011 season at 42-19. What this means is that San Antonio clinched a playoff berth and games 1 and 2 of the first-round series at home.
  • So, what is at stake for the RoughRiders in the final nine games of the first half? It is very simple—second place. With the way San Antonio is playing, it is not out of the question to believe that the Missions could win the second-half title, too. If that is the case, then the club with the second best overall record in the South would get the chance to play San Antonio in round 1.
  • As it stands right now, the RoughRiders have an eight-game lead on Midland and a ten-game lead on Corpus Christi. That’s a great cushion to have if the Missions continue to roll.
  • If you could pick which half to win, the choice would be the second half because that guarantees games 3-5 at home. If, however, San Antonio wins both halves (like Northwest Arkansas did last year in the North), the team would gets games 1, 2 and 5 at home. That’s the lone perk left, playoff-wise, for the Missions to play for.
  • Since the RoughRiders entered the league in 2003, the team that had the best record in the Texas League after the first half of the season has won the overall championship three times—San Antonio in ’03, Corpus Christi in ’06 and Northwest Arkansas in ’10.
  • Before yesterday’s 9-2 loss to the RockHounds, Frisco had a 7-1 mark against Midland. However, the run differential was only ten in favor of the ‘Riders. Now, it sits at three.

Today’s game has a unique start time of 6:30. Join us on the RBN at 6. Enjoy!

– Brian

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