All-Star Break Plans

The countdown is over.  The All-Star break has officially begun.

To put it into perspective, it kind of feels like a 48 hour summer vacation when you were in high school.  Even during last night’s broadcast in Corpus Christi I mentioned how last night, in some ways, felt like the final day of school.

The ‘Riders have nine players heading to San Antonio for the 75th annual Texas League All-Star game. As am writing this, they might be on a plane to the Alamo City this very moment. Before we left Whataburger Field, I had a chance to catch up with a number of RoughRiders and found out what their plans were for the two-day Texas League hiatus.

Outfielder, Jonathan Greene: “My girlfriend Katie is coming into town and we’re heading to the lake with some of the other guys for a fishing trip put together by the RoughRiders’ Booster Club.”

Pitcher, Adalberto Flores: “While I’m in San Antonio for the All-Star game I hope to be able to Skype with my baby girl, Adana.  She’s a year and seven months old.”

Pitcher, Robbie Erlin: “Golfing.  First time I’ll be on the course all season.  It’ll be me [Tyler] Tufts, [Jake] Brigham, and some other guys just relaxing on the course.”

Outfielder, Mike Bianucci: “I’m hoping while I’m out in San Antonio for the All-Star game I’ll have a chance to get to the Alamo.  They have a full itinerary for us.  Not sure how much free time we’ll have.”

Catcher, Elio Sarmiento: “I’m driving 16 hours to Arizona to pick up my son, mother, and pregnant wife.  I’m brining them back to Frisco so our daughter can be born [there].  Her name is Ciara and she’s due on July 27.”

Athletic Trainer, Carlos Olivas: “I’ll probably play it by ear.  I have all of the RoughRiders’ radio broadcasts recorded from this season on my iPod.  I’ll probably kick my feet up on the porch, pour some lemonade, and listen to some of my favorite games from the first half of the season.  Can’t really top that.”

What will I be doing?  For the masses who are wondering, I’m still in bed and might be here for a while.

Brian will be with you on the blog tomorrow, and then it’s game one against Springfield Thursday night at Dr Pepper Ballpark.  Hope to chat with you then.



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