AUDIO: Erlin, Wieland, Buechele React to Trade

>> Robbie Erlin on being traded  >> Joe Wieland on being traded  >> Steve Buechele on Erlin and Wieland  >> Jason Cole on what the Padres and Rangers get

It feels like watching the same movie for the second time.

We all remember the trades from the 2010 season that ushered the departure of Matt Lawson, Josh Lueke, Michael Main, Evan Reed, Ryan Tatusko, and Tanner Roark.  In return the Rangers received Cliff Lee, Bengie Molina, Jorge Cantu, and Cristian Guzman.

This year the ‘Riders haven’t lost as many pieces, but, in some ways, it feels like an even a bigger blow.  Quality over quantity.

No knock to the names listed above.  All were (and are) great players who helped the ‘Riders win.  But losing Robbie Erlin and Joe Wieland, two of the brightest pitching prospects in the Rangers’ farm system, is a big hit – especially to the RoughRiders. (Erlin’s bullpen yesterday – as a Mission >>)

No doubt the Rangers have great depth in the minor leagues and will send the ‘Riders some more promising young arms. For me, however, the hardest part of this trade is that Frisco lost two of the best guys you’ll meet in this game.

Who knows how long either of them will stay with San Antonio before moving up, but it will be very strange when one or both of them pitch against the ‘Riders at Dr Pepper Ballpark in August (5-8, 23-26).  And remember, these two teams will more than likely face each other in the Texas League Playoffs.

This trade has given me two moments that I’ll probably never forget.  The first is of both Joe and Robbie riding the RoughRiders bus the the ballpark in San Antonio yesterday, getting off, and then eventually making there way to the Missions’ clubhouse.  Priceless.

The other is from after last night’s game.  Once we got off the bus at the hotel late last night, guess who was sitting in the lobby?  Robbie and Joe! Because they don’t have any housing in San Antonio yet, they stayed at the team hotel last night after just packing up and moving out.

The Padres are getting two fantastic pitchers – and two even better people.  I just hope Wieland doesn’t no-hit the ‘Riders.



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