Behind the Scenes: Inside the Clubhouse

After 26 consecutive games in a row, the ‘Riders have a much deserved day off. With the break in the schedule, we wanted to take you on a behind the scenes tour of Dr Pepper Ballpark from a player’s perspective. Ever wonder what goes on behind the doors titled, “Authorized Personnel Only”?  Today we’ll show you the path the players walk from the clubhouse to the dugout.


Welcome inside the clubhouse.  This is where the players relax and get ready for each home game.  Complete with two card tables, a couple of TVs, and plenty of food, this is where the guys spend most of their time when they’re not out on the field

The back room of the clubhouse is where players chow down on their pre-game and post-game spread. Today player’s enjoyed chicken, lasagna, and plenty of fresh fruit. There is also a giant poster of a food nutrition chart to help keep the players in shape. Frisco clubhouse managers CJ Allen and Philip Fleitman do a terrific job keeping the guys fed properly.

Weight Room:

Located just down the hall from the clubhouse is the ‘Riders weight room. Usually the stereo inside is on full blast bellowing music down the hallway. The song that was playing today was “A Milli”, by Lil Wayne. The weight room includes your basic squat rack, pull up bar, tricep and lat pull-down machine, kettle bells, medicine balls, weighted vests, chords, boxes, and dumbbells up to 100 lbs. To top it off, there is a stockpile of protein bars to help players recover after a grueling work out.

Training Room:

Next to the weight room and separated by a glass window is the training room. This is essentially the office of Athletic Trainer, Carlos Olivas. Players come in here to stretch out their backs, shoulders, legs, or anything else that needs relieving during a summer in the Texas heat.


The hallway connecting the clubhouse to the field smells like a mixture of rubber floor mats (prevents players wearing metal cleats from slipping), leather baseball gloves, maple and ash lumber, fresh grass clippings, and a slight waft of cleaning solution sprayed to eliminate the stench of dirty laundry. Maybe this is what heaven smells like.

The hallway is the last stop before the field entrance in the left field corner. Lining the concrete walls are water coolers, bags of batting practice balls, logos of all eight Texas League teams, logos of all the Rangers minor league affiliates, and posters of former ‘Riders. After the hallway takes a slight right, the doorway into left field appears glowing in the sun. This is the last place where such greats as Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Hamilton have walked through before playing under the bright lights of Dr Pepper Ballpark.

We hope you enjoyed the trip from the clubhouse to the dugout. The RoughRiders are back in action tomorrow night at 7:05 against the Northwest Arkansas Naturals.


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