RoughRiders Kid’s Day

The sun is shining on a beautiful Saturday morning. Kids and their parents waited in anticipation to enter Dr Pepper Ballpark and participated in a variety of fun activities with their favorite players on RoughRiders Kid’s Day on April 28.

Daisy and a young fan smile for the camera in the concourse during Kid’s Day. Deuce and Daisy made many new friends throughout the course of the day.

Kids race across the field to be the first ones in line for some of the on-field activities to receive instruction from their favorite RoughRiders players.

One little girl works on her form, keeping her eye on the ball wihle taking a big swing in one of the batting cages.

Tim Murphy winds up to throw the perfect pitch during a whiffle ball game with the kids in left field.

 Deuce meets up with RoughRiders’ outfielder Engel Beltre on the concourse.

One little girl had fun sliding down Verticle Rush, one of several inflatable activities throughout the ballpark.

This little boy works on his throwing accuracy while trying to pitch to the catcher on the other side.

RoughRiders’ infielder Mike Olt tries to tag some of the kids as they run past him on the field.

Two little girls smile and show off their creative face paint.

Barret Loux focuses on putting the ball over the tee as the batter gets ready to swing for the fences.

Two little boys focus on knocking each other off their pedastals during a friendly jousting match.

Deuce focuses on throwing a ball to try to knock a ball off of a tee while kids and RoughRiders’ infielder Alex Buchholz watch.

A strong swing and a look of determination help this little boy hit the whiffle ball across the field.

Miguel De Los Santos gives teammates Johan Yan and Joe Oritz horns as they take time out to smile for the camera.

One anxious young fan looks on while waiting to see if he can get his ball signed during an autograph session.

Val Majewski takes a picture with his son during the autograph session. Many smiles marked the success of another fun event at Dr Pepper Ballpark.

Photos by: Alex Yocum-Beeman

Written by: Jarah Wright

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So cute! That’s Val and his son in the last photo.

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