A Look Into Another Texas Rangers Affiliate: Spokane Indians

By the time mid to late June rolls around in Frisco, the season is in full action. The season is almost half way over and half of the playoff spots are usually decided. It’s the same way with Round Rock, Myrtle Beach, and Hickory and every other full season minor league affiliate. For those in short-season, however, the season is just beginning.

The Spokane Indians began their season on June 15 and so far have struggled to an opening 2-8 start. While Frisco has players that are far more experienced in professional baseball, with some even having major league experience, Spokane and short season ball are where a number of players make their professional debuts and begin their journey towards the dream of playing in the major leagues.

This year’s team for Spokane features one prospect in the top 30 in the Texas Ranger’s organization according to Baseball America. Right handed pitcher David Perez entered 2011 as the 11th best prospect in the organization, but fell to 26th entering 2012 after suffering through command issues (29 walks in 30 innings) in Spokane. Still just 19 years old, Perez has a big arm, as he can reach mid 90s, and has a big ceiling still.

The Indian’s roster also includes 13 players selected by the Texas Rangers in the draft earlier this month. Included in those are six of the Ranger’s first nine picks, including University of Texas-Arlington outfielder Preston Beck (5th round).

Here is a look at Spokane’s roster and how they were acquired:

POS Pitchers Acquired
RHP Richard Alvarez NDFA- 2008
RHP Alec Asher Drafted- 4th round (2012)
RHP Shawn Blackwell Drafted- 24th round (2009)
RHP Eric Brooks Drafted- 11th round (2012)
LHP Joseph Burns Drafted- 28th round (2012)
RHP Coby Cowgill Drafted- 23rd round (2012)
RHP Abel De Los Santos Unknown
RHP Taylor Dennis Drafted- 34th round (2011)
RHP Ryan Harvey Drafted- 18th round (2012)
RHP Cody Kendall Drafted- 8th round (2012)
RHP John Kukuruda Drafted- 28th round (2010)
RHP Josh McElwee Drafted- 20th round (2012)
RHP Carlos Melo Trade w/ Detroit
RHP Jose Monegro NDFA- 2009
RHP David Perez NDFA- 2009
RHP Connor Sadzeck Drafted- 11th round (2011)
RHP Jose Valdespina Unknown
POS Catchers Acquired
C Patrick Cantwell Drafted- 3rd round (2012)
C Guy Edmonds NDFA- 2010
C Joe Maloney Drafted- 10th round (2011)
POS Infielders Acquired
SS Smerling Lantigua NDFA- 2010
SS Gabriel Roa Drafted- 25th round (2012)
1B Ryan Rua Drafted- 17th round (2011)
2B Cam Schiller Drafted- 7th round (2012)
1B Barrett Serrato Drafted- 30th round (2012)
2B Nick Vickerson Drafted- 20th round (2011)
POS Outfielders Acquired
OF Preston Beck Drafted- 5th round (2012)
OF Royce Bolinger Drafted- 6th round (2012)
OF Brandon Garcia NDFA- 2012
OF Christopher Garia NDFA- 2009
OF Saquan Johnson Drafted- 28th round (2011)
OF Hirotoshi Onaka NDFA- 2010

They might not be Frisco RoughRiders yet, but it’s very likely that a number of those players will reach Frisco and possibly Texas in the coming years.

Written By: Michael Damman

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