Man vs. Boomstick

On Sunday July 8, the Frisco RoughRiders will be holding their first “Dollar Hotdog Night”. With that coming up soon, we decided to check out one of the newest additions to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, which is also the newest addition to Dr Pepper Ballpark.

The “Boomstick” as it is called is a two-foot-long hot dog that comes in at approximately one pound. It is covered with chili, cheese, and topped off with onions and jalapenos. It costs $26 and is located in the first base concourse at a stand-alone wagon stand. Since the Boomstick came to Frisco, I wanted to attempt to eat it.

A couple of Rangers fans a row ahead of us had “The Boomstick”.

After making a trip to Arlington last week, Jarah and I came up with parameters on what the challenge was. We saw two people ahead of us in the stands get one and it took the two of them about two and a half innings to finish the Boomstick. With that in mind, the parameters were set. I was going to have six innings to try to finish it which would allow for a little extra time given my in game duties of DakStats.

I was definitely looking forward to attempting this challenge… that was until it actually came time to get it. It’s one thing to think about what a two-foot-long/one pound hot dog looks like. It’s another to see the challenge ahead.

When I went to get it and bring it back up to the press box, it was very interesting to see the reactions on some of the fans faces and the comments made. One group said out loud, “Is he crazy?” I simply responded, “yes”.

Once back up in the press box, it was there that I realized just what I was getting myself into. It began with the comments from my friends that I work with and extended into the first bite of the Boomstick.

I began into the giant hot dog (and that is an understatement) a little before game time. Once the game began, I took the strategy of having a bite after every out made. I figured that if I paced myself that way I might be able to do it.

A comparison of the Boomstick to a normal jumbo hot dog at Dr Pepper Ballpark.

By the end of the first couple innings, I was in solid shape. I had eaten over half the hot dog and still had four innings to go. Even the people around me were impressed by what I was able to do early on.

But as each out went by and each bite went by, the quantity of the meat being taken in got smaller and it felt like there was much less room in my stomach for the hot dog. I began to feel the pain of each bite and the pressure to finish the hot dog.

As we came down to the final inning, I started to see the end getting closer and the hot dog not getting any smaller. An inch of the hot dog began to feel like a foot-long hot dog and the bread began to be pushed aside simply because of how much bread there was.

It was during the middle of the sixth inning that I began to feel like I wouldn’t finish it and with a couple outs remaining in the sixth inning I essentially threw up the white flag, although it wouldn’t be official until I made a sign and got a picture of it after the sixth inning was over.

The white flag was thrown after the sixth inning.

I did do better than I thought I would, but I wanted to finish the challenge. In the end, I still ended up sleeping terribly last night and I attribute most of that to the Boomstick.

Boomstick 1, Me 0.
Written By: Michael Damman
Photos Credit: Jarah Wright

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