Back To School

Zaneski is a substitute teacher in the off-season. (Alex Yocum-Beeman)

At the end of each season, many of the players head back to their home towns to rest and relax. Some players like RoughRiders catcher Zach Zaneski find part-time jobs that work with their off-season training programs.

Zaneski has been a substitute teacher in his home town of New London, Connecticut for the past four winters. His dad has been a teacher for over 30 years and works at the same school. He helped Zaneski start his teaching career.

“He set me up with everything in the beginning and kind of really just helped me go through the fingerprint process and got the information for what I needed to do to get started,” Zaneski said. “He was there in the beginning to help me and guide me on what to do in certain situations which made it really helpful.”

Zaneski’s family is full of teachers. His father is a teacher, his mom is a vice-principal, and his sister is a high school art teacher. Zaneski said teaching was a great opportunity for him.

“It was actually like the perfect fit. They need subs for the winter and that’s the only time I was there,” Zaneski said. “I can work from 7 to 2 and then I can work out and focus on my baseball career as well.”

Zaneski said he uses baseball as a way to connect to the students.

“Popularity of baseball is pretty high so you know whenever they say mister you play baseball and I say yeah, we kind of have something to relate to,” Zaneski said.

Being there for the kids is one aspect of the job that Zaneski said he enjoys and is one of the reasons he keeps returning to teach each winter.

“I would say obviously trying to help the kids and reach out and you know being a role model and a good guide if they need one,” Zaneski said. “You’re there just to help the kids and do what you can do.”

Story by Jarah Wright

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