Golf Plays Role As Release for Baseball Players

On Sunday, the third of the four major golf championships finished up in wild fashion. Adam Scott, who entered the final round of the British Open with a four shot lead, was up by four shots with four holes to go. He finished the round by bogeying the final four holes and watched the tournament slip away to Ernie Els, who began the day six shots off of the lead.

According to ESPN, the four shot lead was the first time a player gave away a four shot lead or bigger entering the final round of the British Open since Jean Van De Velde’s infamous blow up in 1999.

With golf and baseball being in the same season, it could make following golf tough.

“It’s hard to follow professional golf during the season because we’re always at the field but we always see the highlights on Sportscenter and it’s on in the clubhouses usually so it’s a big deal for us,” RoughRiders pitcher Cody Buckel said.

When they do get the chance though, golf can be a fun sport to watch for those that have played it.

“Just knowing how hard of a sport it is for me and it’s fun to watch them be successful and hit such good shots and knowing how hard it is,” RoughRiders pitcher Richard Belier said.

Despite it being tough to follow at times, golfers still have their favorites. Asked about their favorite golfers, Richard Bleier was quick to say “Tiger Woods”. Buckel had a lesser known favorite golfer.

“I don’t know if you know that I wear PUMA every day and I actually got a chance to meet Rickie Fowler so he’s a pretty cool guy and my favorite player to follow.”

I don’t have the facts to prove it, but generally speaking the only activity that baseball players do more than golf, hunt, and fish is play baseball. If you ask a player what he likes to do in the offseason, a large majority of the players are going to say something along those lines.

For Bleier, golf can be a way to get away.

“I would say it’s stress free but it really isn’t because I’m so competitive. It’s just a lot of fun getting out there with some of the guys and doing something different other than baseball for a little bit.”

Buckel agreed with that assessment.

“The day after you whether you have a good outing or a bad outing, it’s good to get out there and have fun with the guys and just hit the golf ball as far as you can and play around. Yeah. It’s a little bit of time away from the field and get to hang with friends.”

Golf can also be a bonding sport for baseball players, especially pitchers.

“When I signed and became a pro it became a big thing for pitchers to go out and golf.”


Written By: Michael Damman

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