Hurricane Sandy, Making a Name for Us

I have always taken an interest all things weather, going back to when I was a kid.  When I was in second grade I remember heading to the library and checking out a book about the different types of clouds.  I took great pride in pointing out the differences between stratocumulus and altostratus clouds and always enjoyed witnessing the events that coincided with the presence of the exciting cumulonimbus (i.e. thunderstorm) clouds.

Hurricanes in particular struck my fancy, going back to my memories of Hurricane Bob in 1991.  I remember eagerly anticipating a hurricane of my namesake coming along and hoping it would be particularly memorable.  Some 19 years later, we did experience “Hurricane Alex,” a weather event so utterly anonymous to me that I had no idea it even happened until I Googled it earlier this morning.  Apparently, Hurricane Alex was, according to Wikipedia, a rare June hurricane that formed in the early summer of 2010, was responsible for 51 deaths and $1.8 billion of damage.  In no way do I intend to completely trivialize the storm or disrespect those whose lives it affected, I simply missed the boat on any media hype or attention it was given.

While missing out on this event this disappoints the child in me (which, admittedly, still retains a disproportionately large part of my existence, for better or for worse), I feel that I have been given a second chance with Hurricane Sandy.  You see, Sandy has been a family  nickname for me going back as far as I can remember (it is derived from the “xander” part of my full name, Alexander).  With Sandy, we have gotten a week’s worth of buildup, front and center coverage from news networks (overshadowing the final week before the Presidential Election) and even special uniforms for the Pittsburgh Steelers to commemorate the occasion!

It’s been called Frankenstorm and the Storm of the Century.  It has essentially shut down the eastern seaboard and has gotten some of us to remember the theme song to the classic ’90s Nickelodeon television show “The Adventures of Pete & Pete:”

So for all of those other Sandy’s out there, we are finally getting the storm our name deserves.

Enjoy it, Sandy Koufax.

And Sandy Alomar, Jr.

You too, Sandy Alomar, Sr.

You’ll be safe underwater, Sandy Cheeks.

Don’t try to squeeze in nine holes, Sandy Lyle.

Be happy you’re back in the O.C. for this one, Sandy Cohen.

Don’t count on Flipper helping you out of the storm, Sandy Ricks.

– Alex V. (a.k.a. Sandy)

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