We’ve got your horse right here: Belmont Edition

Find horse racing boring? Cheer with your favorite RoughRiders player and their horse today!

Coverage is underway and the horses post at 5:30 CT.

Just like in the horse racing, no RoughRider won both of the first two legs of predictions. Phil Klein took the Derby with the selection of Orb. Four players won the Preakness States with Oxbox: Jimmy Reyes, Odubel Herrera, Chih-Hsien Chiang and Ben Rowen

While no one can take all three legs of “We’ve got your horse right” series, if one of the previous winners predicts correctly today they could be the only to select two legs right. If Vyjack wins today, both Ben Rowen and Odubel Herrera would have two wins, but the other three winners are spread over three horse selections.

Like the previous two, the RoughRiders were told the names of the horse but not their odds. Without further ado:

The 2013 Frisco RoughRiders

Pick the Belmont Stakes Winner


***Post Position – Horse – Odds – RoughRiders player who selected it***

***(odds of winning as of June 8, 12:00 pm CT)***

#1 – Frac Daddy – 30:1 – RHP Arlett Mavare, RHP Carlos Pimentel

#2 – Freedom Child – 8:1 – RHP Tyler Tufts

#3 – Overanalyze – 12: 1 – 3B Alex Buchholz, OF Joe Benson, SS Hanser Alberto, IF Guilder Rodriguez

#4 – Giant Finish – 30:1 – RHP Neil Ramirez

#5 – Orb – 3:1 – 1B Brett Nicholas, OF Teodoro Martinez, C Tomas Telis

#6 – Incognito – 20:1 – LHP Jimmy Reyes

#7 – Oxbox – 5:1 – RHP Kevin Pucetas, RHP Ryan Rodebaugh, RHP Justin Miller, RHP Randy Henry

#8 – Midnight Taboo – 30:1 – RHP Wilmer Font

#9 – Revolutionary – 9:2 – RHP Phil Klein, IF/OF Alejandro Selen

#10 – Will Take Charge – 20:1 – C Zach Zaneki

#11 – Vyjack – 20:1 – RHP Ben Rowen, 2B Odubel Herrera

#12 – Palace Malice – 15:1 – OF Ryan Strausborger

#13 – Unlimited Budget – 8:1 – LHP Richard Bleier

#14 – Golden Soul – 10:1 – OF Chih-Hsien Chiang, RHP Nick McBride

– Nathan with heaps of help from Alex

Baseball term of the day: unhitch the ice wagonsyn for unhitch the trailer, a phrase said to encourage a slower player to run faster

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