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A Fan’s Perspective

Two weeks ago, we were talking to Justin Grimm at Dr Pepper Ballpark interviewing him for a ‘Riders blog post. Last night, we were at the Ballpark in Arlington watching him make his second start with the Texas Rangers.

This was a whole new thing for us, being a fan.

Usually, we are at the ballpark around noon to start pre-game preparations. During the game, we work on statistics and rarely get to actually experience the game and see our guys play.

Our seats gave us a prime view of the field.

Last night we were able to go to Arlington after a few hours of work. After some pre-game preparations before our night off began, me, Michael and Alex, our graphic design coordinator & photographer, were able to leave and started the 36-mile journey to Arlington. We got to the ballpark and began the arduous task that every fan faces, parking. We found a good lot by the convention center and walked to first base. We quickly found our seats and stayed put to watch former RoughRiders pitcher Justin Grimm take the mound.

It was pretty cool to see Grimm on the big board at the Ballpark in Arlington.

That was definitely a different experience for Michael and I to see someone we got to know as a player and a person now pitching in a major league ballpark.

We had predicted before the game that a bat might be thrown.

As the Rangers headed into the bottom of the first, we headed out into the concourse to grab some grub. There are lots of choices at the ballpark but we went with some fan favorites — a hamburger, hot dog and cheese fries. We settled back in our seats just as left fielder Josh Hamilton was up to bat and we were not disappointed. There were two thrown bats and one of them landed about ten rows in front of us. We were quickly distracted from Hamilton’s at-bat as two guys sat down in front of us with the now legendary “Boomstick” two-foot-long hot dog. Over the course of three innings, that hot dog was gone.

Another fun feature is the fact that the ballpark is close to the airport. So like people in the Superman movies, we looked up at the sky not to find a bird, but a plane. The game progressed as the Rangers took on the Detroit Tigers. We talked about Prince Fielder and then Alex and Michael decided to hunt down some ice cream.

They came back and it turns out they got ice cream and decided to add some things into it to come up with a tasty ice cream concoction. I passed, and waited to snag a Lemon Chill in the sixth inning. It’s always fun to watch the vendors. I have to give kudos to the water guy whose strap broke while he was carrying it up the stairs. He did a graceful bow, fixed it, and continued on his merry way.

We spied a friend up above in the press box.

We discovered another Frisco friend around the seventh inning. We used our camera to zoom in on the press box and saw Larry Bump who works with Michael and I in the press box at Dr Pepper Ballpark. He is also a freelance writer which is why he was at the game. We texted him telling him we could see him. He then picked up a pair of binoculars and looked for us while we waved as hard as we could. It was funny because a foul ball was hit in our direction in the eighth inning and he texted us saying we should have caught the ball that landed two rows behind us.

Grimm focuses on the plate as Prince Fielder steps into the box.

The Rangers ended up losing to the Tigers 8-2. However, watching someone we got to know in Frisco pitch in his second Major League start while not having to work made the night special.

Photos and story by Jarah Wright

Friday at the Ballpark

As you might imagine, the ballpark is pretty quiet on a Friday in early November.   The cooler weather has finally found Frisco and it’s starting to “feel” like college football outside.

The ballpark this morning at 9:30 (Aaron's iPhone)

Even though things are a little slower since the end of the World Series, here are some of the things happening here, with the Rangers, and around minor league baseball:

  • Last night at 8:00, the Rangers and the Major League Baseball Players Association announced that Texas Rangers’ infielder Michael Young is the winner of the 2011 Marvin Miller Man of the Year Award.  The award is presented to the player “whose on-field and off-field performance most inspires others to higher levels of achievement by displaying as much passion to give back to others as he shows between the lines on the baseball diamond.”  Young becomes the third player to ever win the award twice (John Smoltz, 2002, 2003; Jim Thome, 2001, 2004).
  • The Rangers also announced yesterday a series of improvements to the Ballpark in Arlington totaling $11.5 million.  Upgrades for 2012 include a complete renovation of Vandergriff Plaza and much of the office building first floor in centerfield with the construction of a new Batter’s Eye Club, Restaurant/Sports Bar, Kid’s Zone, and concession stands. In addition, the areas that previously contained the bleacher seating will be remodeled and the visitors bullpen will be reconfigured.

The visitors bullpen will move to the bottom of the former bleacher section (left) along the outfield fence. New features will include an indoor restaurant and sports bar on the bottom floor of the suites alongside an indoor Kid's Zone (Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News)

  • The Akron Aeros (Double-A, Indians) of the Eastern League will not be changing their name after all.  A contest held by the team and the local newspaper asked fans to choose their favorite possible team name from a list including Aeros, RubberDucks,Vulcans, Tire Jacks and Gum Dippers (are you kidding me!!).  The Aeros nickname won in a landslide, garnering 67% of the vote. (
  • If you’re not aware, it’s officially “Movember.”  Movember is the month formerly known as November, where men and women across the globe join together to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues. To help achieve this, men grow a Mo (moustache) for 30 days.  Since a number of us can’t grow a mustache (mainly me), our graphics designer Alex Yocum-Beeman helped us out (if you can’t recognize me, I’m the top left corner):
Enjoy your weekend … and some football.