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Chris McGuiness’ Culinary Tour of Charleston

At the beginning of the season, we asked the guys what were some of their favorite things about their hometowns. ‘Riders first baseman Chris McGuiness said the names of two restaurants which led us to believe there must be some really good places to chow down. Here are four of his favorite places to eat around his hometown of Charleston, South Carolina.

Melvin’s had celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse’s seal of approval.

Melvin’s BBQ:

“Melvin’s BBQ is like probably five minutes from my house. It’s one of those places like Chic-Fil-A that are closed on Sunday and you always want it worse on Sunday so I get my fix during the week. Emeril Lagasse voted it the best cheeseburgers in America. They have good BBQ there but I get the cheeseburger every time. It’s been there my whole life. It’s one of those places you look forward to going to every time, eat it two or three times a week, it doesn’t matter.”

Duke’s is a Sunday favorite of the McGuiness family.

Duke’s BBQ:

“Duke’s is a BBQ buffet in Walterboro, South Carolina where I go hunt on weekends and that’s where I was originally introduced to Duke’s. We know the owners a little bit and joked with him saying he should move one to Charleston and it would do really well. They put one in Charleston about a year ago and it’s just a small, homemade, country buffet type place that’s open on Sundays so we normally go there after church.”

Fried shrimp is Chris’ dish of choice here.

Gilligan’s Seafood:

“Gilligan’s is a seafood restaurant on John’s Island. We normally go there on birthdays or something like that. They have all-you-can-eat fried shrimp and me and my dad just put it under the table there. The joke is when we go there my mom and my brother want to take two cars so they can leave when they get done eating and we can still crush all-you-can-eat fried shrimp.”

This was one of McGuiness’ favorite places to eat while going to college.

Mama Kim’s:

“The last place is a place down by my college, downtown Charleston, called Mama Kim’s. It’s a hibachi-style restaurant but it’s like a fast food restaurant. She cooks it right in front of you and it’s right in the middle of Charleston and a big hit with the college kids. Mama Kim is always really friendly. We’d always give her tickets to the ballgames and stuff. It’s just a real nice place to go.”

So the next time you’re in Charleston, check these places out. You might just bump into a RoughRider.


May Madness

The minor league season may be in full swing, but for college baseball end of season tournament time is in full swing.

To get to the dance you need to win your league tourney or get an at-large berth. Obviously, every team would prefer the former, but let’s face it, it’s not easy. Just ask any number of ‘Riders, since many have played in these tournaments before.

Since some will be following their alma maters this weekend, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the college careers of a couple of RoughRiders.

Courtesy of Texas A&M

Barret  Loux (Texas A&M)

Prior to giving Texas League hitters headaches, Loux tied up Big 12 hitters as a member of the Aggies. As a junior in College Station, Loux led the Big 12 in strikeouts (136) and was a finalist for the USA Golden Spikes Award (Given to the top amateur baseball player in the country).

Currently No. 8 in USA Today’s Top 25 poll, the Aggies were eliminated in two games at the Big 12 tournament, losing back-to-back games to Missouri and the University of Kansas. As a top 10 team, A&M doesn’t need to be concerned about their NCAA tournament chances. However the team’s less than stellar performance in Oklahoma City could affect who they see at regionals.

Justin Grimm (Georgia)

Grimm played his college baseball “between the hedges,” as a three year member of the Georgia Bulldogs. In 2008, Justin even had the chance to visit college baseball’s most hallowed grounds, when UGA advanced to the College World Series Finals, and ended the year with a number two national ranking.

This season has been a bit of a different story, as the ‘Dawgs were eliminated from the SEC Tournament Wednesday afternoon, falling to Auburn 3-2. The good news? The SEC is the premier baseball conference in all of Division I, where sweeping a conference series almost never happen. The bad news is that at (31-26), Georgia will need an at-large berth to qualify for the NCAA tourney.

Courtesy of Stephen Slade, University of Connecticut

Mike Olt (UConn)

While he gets plenty of attention as one of the Rangers top farmhands, it’s easy to forget that Mike is still the “Sultan of Stoors.” So where does the nickname come from?

Well, in three seasons, Mike set the all-time home record for the University of Connecticut (44 homers). He also hit .318 during his junior year. The Huskies could have used him Saturday, as Mike’s old club was knocked out of the Big East Tournament by South Florida. While this means UConn’s season is over, give the team credit for knocking off Louisville, considered the favorite to take the league crown.

Chris McGuiness (The Citadel)

If you’re a baseball purist, you might be spending the weekend down in Greenville, South Carolina where the Southern Conference baseball championships are taking place. If you’re not though, don’t worry we won’t think any less of you.

However, the next time you’re at Dr Pepper Ballpark you can impress your friends by telling them that ‘Riders first baseman Chris McGuiness played for a So-Con school. Over a three year career with the Citadel, McGuiness pitched and played first base, while at the plate, he led the nation in walks during his junior year. Sadly there will be no magical run to Omaha for this bunch of Bulldogs. After an opening round win, the Citadel lost an elimination game to Elon Friday night.

Written by: Geoff Arnold

Si or No

The RoughRiders take the field for batting practice. The cage is set up behind home plate. The first group of batters takes turns rotating in and out to work on laying down bunts. After all the guys in the group practice bunting, it’s time to hit away and the real fun begins.

Catcher Jose Felix hits away after a pitch by Jeff Andrews. (Jarah Wright)

‘Riders infielder Alex Buchholz steps in to take some cuts. He hits a ball deep to left field. While the ball is in the air several of the guys start shouting “Si or No? Si or No?” Buchholz says no and when the ball sails over the fence, he promptly moves to the side of the cage and does ten pushups.

Chris McGuiness does ten pushups after guessing incorrectly. (Jarah Wright)

It has become a familiar scene during pre-game at Dr Pepper Ballpark. Frisco catcher Jose Felix said the tradition of playing Si or No goes back farther than this season.

“We started doing it at spring training last year and it’s caught on,” Felix said. “We’ve been doing it here for the last two weeks. It’s a way to gauge your power and you have to know your power when you hit.”

Jared Prince watches James Vilade throw to the third group of hitters during batting practice. (Jarah Wright)

The game has become a feature of batting practice with several players taking part. Buchholz said he likes playing and it’s one way to stay relaxed at the plate during practice.

“The game is great. It’s a good way to loosen up during batting practice,” Buchholz said. “Everybody has fun with it.”

Written by: Jarah Wright