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RoughRiders MLB Alum #100: Chris McGuiness


94 + Joeseph Ortiz + Leury Garcia + Nick Tepesch + Robbie Erlin + Ross Wolf + Chris McGuiness = 100. 

He has done it. Just moments ago, Chris McGuiness ran onto the field in the bottom of the first inning at the Rogers Centre in Toronto as a member of the Texas Rangers. He is batting eighth in the lineup and due up third in the top of the second. He is the 100th RoughRiders alumni to make the big leagues and sixth this season. In honor of tonight’s milestone for the RoughRiders, here is The List, in its entirety, in alphabetical order:

Name, year(s) as a RoughRider, (rehab assignment years, if applicable) 

  1. Andrus, Elvis, 2008
  2. Arias, Joaquin, 2005, 2010
  3. Bankson, Wes, 2010
  4. Beavan, Blake, 2009-10
  5. Benson, Kris, 2009
  6. Bierbrodt, Nick, 2004
  7. Boggs, Brandon, 2007
  8. Borbon, Julio, 2008, (2011)
  9. Botts, Jason, 2003-2004, 2006
  10. Bourgeois, Jason, 2003-2004
  11. Carlson, Jesse, 2006
  12. Chavez, Endy, 2010
  13. Chavez, Jesse, 2005-2006
  14. Corey, Brian, 2006
  15. Danks, John, 2005-2006
  16. Davis, Chris, 2007-2008
  17. Diamond, Thomas, 2005-06, 2008-09
  18. Diaz, Jose, 2006
  19. Dominguez, Juan, 2003-2005
  20. Drese, Ryan, 2003
  21. Duran, German, 2007
  22. Eppley, Cody, 2010
  23. Erlin, Robert, 2011
  24. Esposito, Brian, 2004-2005
  25. Feldman, Scott, 2005, 2008, (2011)
  26. Feliz, Neftali, 2008, (2011-2012)
  27. Font, Wilmer, 2012
  28. Francisco, Frank, 2003-04, (2005-06, 09)
  29. Galarraga, Armando, 2006-2007
  30. Garcia, Leury, 2012
  31. Gentry, Craig, 2008-2009
  32. Gonzalez, Adrian, 2003
  33. Gordon, Brian, 2008
  34. Grimm, Justin, 2012
  35. Hamburger, Mark, 2010-2011
  36. Harrison, Matt, 2008, (2009-2010)
  37. Hart, Jason, 2005
  38. Holland, Derek, 2008
  39. Hulett, Tug, 2006
  40. Hunter, Tommy, 2008-2009, (2011)
  41. Hurley, Eric, 2006-2007, (2008)
  42. Jimenez, Kelvin, 2004-2005
  43. Karsay, Steve, 2005
  44. Keller, Kris, 2004
  45. Kinsler, Ian, 2004, (2009-2010)
  46. Kirkman, Michael, 2009
  47. Littleton, Wes, 2005-2006
  48. Loe, Kameron, 2004, (2006-2007)
  49. Lueke, Josh, 2010
  50. Madrigal, Warner, 2008, (2010)
  51. Mahar, Kevin, 2006-2007
  52. Mahay, Ron, 2005, 2007
  53. Martin, Leonys, 2011
  54. Masset, Nick, 2004-2006
  55. Mathis, Doug, 2006-2007
  56. Mayberry, John, 2007-08
  57. McDougall, Marshall, 2003-2004
  58. McGuiness, Chris, 2012
  59. Mendoza, Luis, 2006-2007, (2008)
  60. Metcalf, Travis, 2006-2007
  61. Montero, Agustin, 2005
  62. Moreland, Mitch, 2009, (2012)
  63. Moreno, Edwin 2003-2004
  64. Moscoso, Guillermo, 2009
  65. Mosquera, Julio, 2004
  66. Mounce, Tony, 2003
  67. Murray, A.J., 2003, 2005, 2009
  68. Narron, Sam, 2004
  69. Nickeas, Mike, 2005-2006
  70. Nivar, Ramon, 2003
  71. Nix, Laynce, 2003, (2004)
  72. Ogando, Alexi, 2010
  73. Olt, Mike, 2012
  74. Ortiz, Joe, 2012
  75. Oswalt, Roy, 2012
  76. Perez, Martin, 2009-2011
  77. Phillips, Zach, 2009-2010
  78. Pina, Manuel, 2008-2009
  79. Phillips, Zach, 2010
  80. Profar, Jurickson, 2012
  81. Ramirez, Erasmo, 2003
  82. Ramirez, Max, 2008
  83. Ramos, Mario, 2003
  84. Regilio, Nick, 2003
  85. Richardson, Kevin, 2005-2007, 2010
  86. Ross, Robert, 2011
  87. Rupe, Josh, 2004-2005 (2006)
  88. Scheppers, Tanner, 2010-2011
  89. Smoak, Justin, 2009
  90. Strop, Pedro, 2009
  91. Teagarden, Taylor, 2007-08, 2010
  92. Tepesch, Nick, 2012
  93. Thompson, Justin, 2004-2005
  94. Volquez, Edinson, 2005, 2007
  95. White, Bill, 2007
  96. Williams, Randy, 2007
  97. Wilson, C.J., 2003, 2005-2006
  98. Wolf, Ross, 2012-2013
  99. Wright, Jamey, 2007
  100. Young, Chris, 2004

Note: To make this list, the player could not have simply been on a rehab assignment. The player must have been on the active roster for at least one day. Furthermore, not all of the players on this list made their MLB debut following their time with Frisco. Ross Wolf, for example, pitched in the big leagues before pitching for the RoughRiders, but played in the big leagues after he was a RoughRiders pitcher as well. Any player who is a RoughRider and then goes onto the majors qualifies (Roy Oswalt is another good example of this scenario). 

– Nathan

Baseball term of the day: callup – a player who has been promoted to the major leagues

MLB Draft Day: Frisco RoughRiders in the Draft

MLB First Year Player Draft

In honor of today’s draft, we decided to take a look back at the drafting of today’s Frisco RoughRiders, where they went in the draft and next to whom. Eleven RoughRiders were international non-drafted free agents, and therefore, not subjected to the MLB June Amateur draft. Zach Zaneski, went undrafted in 2008, the lone RoughRider from the US/Canada/Puerto Rico (subject to the draft) not to be drafted by a major league organization.

(Tonight’s draft coverage begins at 5:00 pm CT on MLB Network and at, by the way)

Here goes the rest of the team, in chronological order:

2006 Draft


2nd Round, 64nd overall: OF Joe Benson (Joliet Catholic Academy) selected by the Minnesota Twins

Selected directly after Thomas Hickson (Marlins), directly before Drew Carpenter (Phillies)

17th Round, 506th overall: RHP Kevin Pucetas (Limestone College) selected by the San Francisco Giants

Selected directly after Tony Watson (Orioles), directly before Brett Reynolds (Diamondbacks)

47th Round, 1392 overall: RHP Justin Miller (Bakersfield College) selected by Colorado Rockies (DID NOT SIGN)

Selected directly after Ryan Cisterna (Royals), directly before Brandon Brown (Devil Rays)

2007 Draft


Supplemental 1st Round, 44th overall: RHP Neil Ramirez (Kempsville HS) selected by the Texas Rangers

Selected directly after Jackson Williams (Giants) and directly before Justin Jackson (Blue Jays)

2008 Draft


6th Round, 179th overall: 2B Alex Buchholz (University of Delaware) selected by the Cincinnati Reds

Selected directly after Graham Johnson (Marlins) and directly before Kenneth Williams (White Sox)

6th Round, 183rd overall: LHP Richard Bleier (Florida Gulf Coast University) selected by the Texas Rangers

Selected directly after J.B Shuck (Astros) and directly before Tyreace House (Athletics)

16th Round, 483 overall: RHP Justin Miller (California State University Fresno) selected by the Texas Rangers

Selected directly after Josh Poytress (Astros) and directly before Matthew Fits (Athletics)

32nd Round, 963rd overall: RHP Tyler Tufts (Indiana University-Bloomington) selected by the Texas Rangers

Selected directly after B.A. Vollmuth (Astros) and directly before Ben Hornbeck (Athletics)

2009 Draft


4th Round, 116th overall: RHP Randy Henry (South Mountain Community College) selected by the Baltimore Orioles

Selected directly after Zack Dodson (Pirates) and directly before Jason Stoffel (Giants)

5th Round, 154th overall: RHP Nick McBride (Ragsdale HS) selected by the Texas Rangers

Selected directly after Steven Parker (Pirates) and directly before Austin Adams (Indians)

2010 Draft


6th Round, 196th overall: C Brett Nicholas (University of Missouri Columbia) selected by the Texas Rangers

Selected directly after Logan Darnell (Twins) and directly before Rett Varner (Marlins)

7th Round, 226th overall: LHP Jimmy Reyes (Elon University) selected by the Texas Rangers

Selected directly after Matt Hauser (Twins) and directly before Mark Canha (Marlins)

10th Round, 316th overall: SS Jared Hoying (University of Toledo) selected by the Texas Rangers

Selected directly after J.D. Williams (Twins) and directly before Aaron Senne (Marlins)

15th Round, 446th overall: RHP Ryan Rodebaugh (Kennesaw State University) selected by the Texas Rangers

Selected directly after Thomas Girdwood (Twins) and directly before Ryan Fisher (Marlins)

16th Round, 496th overall: CF Ryan Strausborger (Indiana State University) selected by the Texas Rangers

Selected directly after Clint Dempster (Twins) and directly before Randy LeBlanc (Marlins)

22nd Round, 676th overall: RHP Ben Rowen (Virginia Polytechnic Institue and State University) selected by the Texas Rangers

Selected directly after Dillon Moyer (Twins) and directly before Jeremy Heatley (Marlins)

2011 Draft


30th Round, 924th overall: RHP Phil Klein (Youngstown State University) selected by the Texas Rangers

Selected directly after Justin Miller (Padres) and directly before Joe Terry (Reds)

A few notes:

  • Neil Ramirez is the highest RoughRiders player drafted
  • The lowest drafted RoughRiders roster man was Justin Miller his first time, but he did not sign in 2006. The lowest drafted player to sign is Tyler Tufts.
  • The Frisco roster (as of 6/6/13) consists of:
    • (1) one high school hitter (Benson)
    • (2) two high school pitchers (McBride, Ramirez)
    • (9) nine college pitchers (Bleier, Henry, Klein, Miller, Pucetas, Reyes, Rodebaugh, Rowen, Tufts) — including two junior college pitchers (Henry, Pucetas)
    • (5) five college hitters (Buchholz, Hoying, Nicholas, Strausborger, Zaneski)
    • (4) four international pitchers (Font, Mavare, Mendez, Pimentel)
    • (7) seven international hitters (Alberto, Chiang, Herrera, Martinez, Rodriguez, Selen, Telis)
  • The players were drafted out of the following years:
    • 2006: 3 (if you include Justin Miller who didn’t sign)
    • 2007: 1
    • 2008: 4
    • 2009: 2
    • 2010: 6
    • 2011: 1
  • Of the 16 drafted players, 12 were selected by and signed with Texas.
    • Henry (Orioles) came over in the Teagarden trade on December 1, 2011.
    • Buchholz (Reds) was taken in the minor league phase of the Rule 5 draft on December 8, 2011.
    • Pucetas (Giants) played with three major league organizations before signing with Texas in the offseason.
    • Benson (Minnesota) was taken off of waivers by Texas on May 25, 2013.
  • Phil Klein, the lone 2011 draftee on the team, is one of just three players from his round that year to have played at Double-A or higher. Will Clinard also went in the 30th round in 2011 and was just promoted and made his Double-A debut for the Erie SeaWolves on Tuesday. Justin Miller, yes another one, has not only played at Double-A but also at Triple-A for the Padres. In fact, he played AGAINST Frisco twice this season as a member of the San Antonio Missions (0-for-3, R, BB in 2 G). He is back at Advanced-A, playing for Lake Elsinore right now.

Enjoy the draft and go ‘Riders!


The Frisco RoughRiders play at 7:05 tonight in San Antonio against the Missions. You can find other interesting tidbits, facts, news and notes in our daily game notes by clicking here.

And of course I would be remiss if I did not congratulate Chris McGuiness on getting his first call to the Show! Congrats to the author of one of the best season’s in recent ‘Riders history. Best of luck!

It’s also big news for us around here, as he is the 100th RoughRiders player to go onto MLB after his time in Frisco. We will have more on Chris here at the Insider Blog, and a look back at his time here, in the coming days.

– Nathan

Baseball term of the day: draftitisan affliction that hurts a player’s draft status in the period leading up to the draft whereby the player withers under scouts’ scruitiny and fails to display his skills

(term from The Dickson Baseball Dictionary)

‘Riders in Review: May 2013

The RoughRiders spent ten days in April in first place in the Texas League South Division. After a 14-11 first month, the ‘Riders entered May in second place and only one game back of Corpus Christi. The team improved in May, going 18-11, yet spent just one day in first (May 4, tied for first at 17-12) and finished the month two games behind the Hooks who went 19-10 during May. Two games into June, with 14 games to play in the first half, Frisco sits three games back now, tied for the furthest out of first the team has been all season long and the first time they have been this far behind since May 15.

Texas League Rankings for the Month of May

Record: 32-22 overall, 18-11 in May (2nd in Texas League), home: 10-5, road: 8-6, vs. division: 10-9

Runs: 125 (4th)

Average: .247 (6th)

On-base percentage: .306 (7th)

Stolen bases: 38 (2nd)

Home runs: 32 (T-2nd)

ERA: 4.12 (5th)*

Strikeouts for: 255 (1st)

Walks allowed: 114 (T-7th)

Avg attendance for the year: 7315 (1st)**

April 14-11 107 .250 .297 19 17 2.87 208 84 7060
May 18-11 125 .247 .306 38 32 4.12 255 114 7315
Season 32-22 232 .248 .302 57 49 3.54 463 198 7315

Corpus 19-10 180 .278 .353 23 36 4.12 185 85 5,449
FRISCO 18-11 125 .247 .306 38 32 4.12 255 114 7,315
San Anto. 16-12 124 .265 .344 39 25 3.70 212 72 4,002
Arkansas 15-12 109 .257 .318 21 24 3.79 185 81 4,478
Springfield 14-13 143 .263 .352 26 29 3.60 235 69 4,440
Midland 14-15 148 .273 .345 28 30 4.85 200 96 4,405
Tulsa 10-18 124 .236 .310 29 32 4.18 164 90 5,741
NW Ark. 6-21 85 .226 .286 14 22 4.55 207 114 4,787

*Frisco 4.121, Corpus 4.116

**Attendance numbers as of June 3, 2013 so are slightly in addition to May totals


Carlos Pimentel earned Texas League Pitcher of the Week this month, but two players stood out in front of him in May.

‘Riders Slugger of the Month

Brett Nicholas (.340/.410/.650, 22 R, 8 2B, 1 3B, 7 HR, 18 RBI, 9 BB, 0 SB)

052713 Nicholas web article

The self-proclaimed non-home run hitter blasted a team-leading seven long balls in the month of May. In fact, no one else has seven all season (Teodoro Martinez, honorable mention for Slugger of the Month has six this season including five in May). Nicholas led the RoughRiders in batting average, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, runs scored, home runs and tied for the most RBI (18 – w/ Chih-Hsien Chiang). His eight doubles trailed only Chiang who clubbed ten in May. Entering June, he trails just three Texas Leaguers in home runs and RBI and is third in runs scored. Nicholas scored at least one run in 13 of the 18 ‘Riders wins in May and drove in runs in ten of those 18.

‘Riders Hurler of the Month

Ben Rowen (1-0, 0.55 ERA, 4/4 SV/SVO, 16.1 IP, 13 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 0 HRA, 19 K, 4 BB, 0 HB, 1.04 WHIP, .220 BAA)

060413 blog rowen

Had Carlos Pimentel not finished the month with his worst outing of the season, he might have been the selection, but it is hard to argue with honoring Rowen. Not only was Rowen dominant, but he was asked to throw more often than anyone else on the club and still did not falter. Rowen’s 15 appearances were most in the month of May not only by a RoughRiders pitcher, but all of the Texas League (Matt Stites and Kevin Quackenbush of San Antonio were second with 14). In fact, only Mitch Stetter of the Salt Lake Bees (Triple-A LAA) made more appearances in May (16) than Rowen among all affiliated minor leaguers (excludes the Triple-A Mexican League). Only a half-dozen Major Leaguers made more.  Twice on the most recent homestand Rowen came into a bases-loaded jam in the ninth inning and got the job done. The only times he was scored upon came on May 1, when he allowed an unearned run on a single after San Antonio got a single, a stolen base, and a throwing error to put Anthony Contreras at third base. The other time came in a 7-1 ballgame on May 6 in the ninth. He finished May unscored upon in 12 straight outings and has run the streak to 13 in June with his scoreless outing this past Sunday.

Official Texas League Players of the Week:

April 29 – May 5: P – Jake Buchanan (Corpus Christi); B – Xavier Scruggs (Springfield)

May 6-12: P – Yordano Ventura (Northwest Arkansas) ; B – Anthony Aliotti (Midland) 

May 13-19: P – Matt Oye (Arkansas); B – Kalian Sams (San Antonio)

May 20-26: P – Carlos Pimentel (Frisco); B – Angelys Nina (Tulsa)

May 27 – June 2: P – Murphy Smith (Midland); B – George Springer (Corpus Christi)

Punching Bag of the Month

San Antonio SS Jeudy Valdez

Valdez put together a spectacular month of May, hitting .320 (9th in the TL), with 11 XBH, 13 RBI, and four stolen bases. His .320 batting clip is his best average for a month in his two seasons with the Missions (excluding a .364 effort in the three-game 2012 September). If it weren’t for the RoughRiders, the Dominican shortstop might have been the best player in the league in May. He went just 4-for-25 (.160) against Frisco in May. Two of those hits were doubles, but it hardly makes up for his lack of production against ‘Riders pitching. Valdez hit .375 against the rest of the Texas League. To add insult to injury, Valdez committed three of his six May errors against Frisco, two of which came in a 3-1 RoughRiders win on May 2. Those two blunders led to two unearned runs in the two-run contest.

Best Moment of the Month

Frisco hits six home runs vs Tulsa – May 31, 2013 – Just barely squeezing into the month of May, this game was, without a doubt, the most of headline-filled contest of the season to date. Alexi Ogando made his only rehab start for the Rangers, and it took him just 54 pitches to get 18 outs. He threw 12 pitches in the first two innings combined, but the offense stole the spotlight. First, Joe Benson hit a home run in his first at-bat of the ballgame, his fourth in six games with the RoughRiders. In the fourth, Chih-Hsien Chiang, Ryan Strausborger, and Odubel Herrera hit back-to-back-to-back home runs off Drillers starter Christian Bergman. In ten starts, Bergman had allowed six home runs this season and never more than one in any outing. He served up five in six innings against the ‘Riders on this day. Teodoro Martinez finished him off with his sixth home run, a fifth long ball of May, with a one-out solo blast in the fifth inning. Martinez’ career high in home runs is six, and he nearly eclipsed that mark in the month alone. For Herrera, it was his first home run on the season and first in 53 games. Then, off the bullpen, in his first game back from the disabled list, Mike Olt blasted a home run that landed in the seats so quickly he was probably still in the batter’s box when it left the yard.

Bonus award: The You-Say-This-is-a-Summer-Sport Award

On Thursday, May 2, the RoughRiders hosted the San Antonio Missions in 45 degrees. Well, that was the game-time temperature…officially. Some websites reported 41 or 42 degrees. Wind chill was in the 30s. Steve Buechele wore a jacket to coach third base for the first time in his career: “that was the coldest game, by far” since he joined the Texas League as a manager in 2009. Just as incredibly, Frisco won the game despite the fact that Ryan Rodebaugh was making his first career start. He pitched well enough but not long enough for the win, firing three scoreless, one-hit innings. Frisco surrendered just one hit in the 3-1 win.

How did the prospects do?

Frisco’s Opening Day Roster contained six prospects in the Baseball America Rangers Organization top 30:  RHP Cody Buckel (8), RHP Roman Mendez (13), IF Hanser Alberto (15), RHP Wilmer Font (22), RHP Neil Ramirez (23) and RHP Randy Henry (29). Joe Benson, ranked 19th in the Minnesota Twins organization by Baseball America to open the season, joined the RoughRiders in late May.

Cody Buckel – Buckel made one appearance in May before leaving the club for extended spring training. The right-hander was moved to the bullpen after an 0-4 record with an 18.00 ERA in five starts. He made one outing out of the ‘pen that proved a relief role would not solve his 2013 issues (0.1 IP, 1 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 3 BB, 1 WP). He has been in Arizona since.

Roman Mendez – Mendez didn’t allow an earned run in April. He began May with four innings of perfect relief work before finally being touched up for his first blemish to his ERA on May 10 against Corpus Christi. After three more scoreless outings, he ran into his toughest appearance of the year. In the eighth inning of an already-out-of-hand contest in Springfield on May 22, the first three batters reached off the Dominican right-hander. He allowed four runs on three hits and two walks in the frame. On May 28, Mendez threw nine straight balls. After the ninth consecutive toss out of the zone, he bent over in pain and subsequently left the ball game. Days later, he had season-ending surgery to a stress-fracture in his right elbow, the same surgery that ended his 2012 season., courtesy of Scott Lucas, courtesy of Scott Lucas

Hanser Alberto – Hanser came streaking into the month of May in the midst of an eight-game stretch that took his average from .228 to .298 to finish April. On May 1, the ‘Riders shortstop was hitting .298. On June 1 he was hitting .224. It wasn’t a good month for Alberto (.162/.229/.232). Although he did hit his first two Double-A homers, he also committed six errors in the month. 

Wilmer Font – Like most of the Frisco staff, May was not as kind as April for Font. Hard to improve upon his April though (0.83 ERA, 0.73 WHIP). Over nine appearances, Font collected four saves with a 2.45 ERA. Over his eleven innings, he allowed eight hits and walked 12 for a 1.81 WHIP, indicating that Wilmer was a bit lucky during May. The good news is that all three of his earned runs came in one outing (5/18 vs SA: 0.2 IP, 3 H,  3 R, 3 ER, 1 BB, 0 K). For the first time this season, however, Font his 100 mph on the radar gun, doing so to close the combined one-hit shutout against Springfield on May 23.

Neil Ramirez – Ramirez looked like the Arlington-bound, hard-throwing, hammer-curve hurling right-hander of 2011 this April. He looked mortal this past month, but there are still encouraging signs. Despite being hit much harder in May (.209 BAA May; .130 BAA April), Ramirez allowed just 6.4 H/9 innings in May, which is in-line with his fantastic 2011 stint with the ‘Riders. He walked fewer batters as well (14 BB in 33.2 IP May; 15 BB 24.1 IP April). The biggest difference was the home run ball. Nothing left the yard against Ramirez in April, while five of the 24 hits he allowed in May were homers. He is still allowing home runs at a respectable level this season, you just hope that May is not the beginning of a downward trend in that category. Looking his FanGraphs page, it seems Neil had trouble getting men out when had to pitch out of the stretch last season (50.9 % LOB). He is doing a better job of that this season, although the .240 BABIP seems unsustainable.

2011 3 Teams 5 3 3.12 25 98.0 77 34 7 44 119 1.235 7.1 0.6 4.0 10.9
2011 Myrtle B. A+ 0 0 0.00 1 4.2 1 0 0 1 9 0.429 1.9 0.0 1.9 17.4
2011 Frisco AA 1 0 1.89 6 19.0 13 4 1 8 24 1.105 6.2 0.5 3.8 11.4
2011 Round R. AAA 4 3 3.63 18 74.1 63 30 6 35 86 1.318 7.6 0.7 4.2 10.4
2012 2 Teams 8 13 6.28 27 123.1 125 86 18 47 108 1.395 9.1 1.3 3.4 7.9
2012 Frisco AA 2 5 4.20 12 49.1 47 23 6 16 45 1.277 8.6 1.1 2.9 8.2
2012 Round R. AAA 6 8 7.66 15 74.0 78 63 12 31 63 1.473 9.5 1.5 3.8 7.7
2013 Frisco AA 5 2 3.57 11 58.0 34 23 5 29 71 1.086 5.3 0.8 4.5 11.0
Provided by View Original Table
Generated 6/4/2013.

Randy Henry – Henry didn’t allow an earned run in April. He pitched twice in May and both times gave up an earned run. The more alarming part of that sentence is that he pitched just twice in May. He has been out with injury and was placed on the disabled list in mid-May. He seems far from returning as well. He has yet to begin throwing off a mound.

Joe Benson – Not officially on the top 30 list of Rangers prospects by Baseball America, he probably would be if on the Rangers 40-man roster to begin the season. Benson hit just .162 with four extra-base hits (0 HR) in May for the Rochester Red Wings (Triple-A MIN). Four days after he played his last game as a Twins farmhand, he homered in his first game as a Texas minor leaguer. Claimed off of waivers by Texas on May 25 and assigned to Frisco, Benson homered in his first three games as a RoughRider from May 26-28. In his first six games with Frisco, Benson went 7-for-18 (.389), clubbed four home runs, a triple, drove in six, and walked twice. The outfielder who is out of options is off to a great beginning in his fresh start. You can learn more about Joe’s story from our post on him last week.

Happy June and go RoughRiders!

– Nathan

Baseball term of the day: subway slinger – submariner; a pitcher who throws underhand or sidearm

(term from The Dickson Baseball Dictionary)

‘Riders on the Record: the first day of school, home runs over touchdowns and the return of Mike Olt


‘Riders on the Record is a weekly rundown of the pre-game interviews record by broadcasters Alex Vispoli and Nathan Barnett with RoughRiders players and coaches and occasionally a special guest. You can find all previous editions by clicking here.  

Another busy week of player transactions, the RoughRiders saw the return of Alex Buchholz and Arlett Mavare from Triple-A, the departure of Barret Serrato (back to extended spring training), Roman Mendez sustain a season-ending injury, Mike Olt return from the DL and Alexi Ogando make a rehab start for the Rangers at Dr Pepper Ballpark.

Highlights from this week eight’s ‘Riders on the Record include Steve Buechele’s assessment of his two aces in Neil Ramirez and Carlos Pimentel, Dennis Higgins (The Voice of the Drillers) talking about former Clemson QB Kyle Parker’s focus on baseball, Joe Benson’s acclimation to the RoughRiders clubhouse, and Mike Olt on his lengthy journey back to health from a vision issue he dealt with in spring training and while at Triple-A Round Rock.

Happy Sunday and enjoy!

Sunday, May 26, 2013 – Manager Steve Buechele

In their weekly sit-down, ‘Riders Manager Steve Buechele speaks about the gritty outing of Neil Ramirez, the continued success of recently named Texas League Pitcher of the Week Carlos Pimentel, the return of Alex Buchholz from Triple-A, and the addition of Joe Benson from Minnesota. (w/ Alex Vispoli)

Monday, May 27, 2013 – Tulsa Broadcaster Dennis Higgins 

Tulsa broadcaster Dennis Higgins joins Alex to give us a Drillers perspective. He talks about Kyle Parker‘s commitment to baseball after starring at Clemson as a QB in addition to playing baseball. They talk about the Rockies relationship with the Tulsa franchise and the new instructional program put in place by Colorado this offseason. (w/ Alex)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 – OF Joe Benson

The Texas Rangers claimed Joe Benson off waivers from Minnesota on Saturday. He sat down with Nathan Barnett before his home debut at Dr Pepper Ballpark and discussed his whirlwind of a weekend. He explains his speedy home run trot and expresses his excitement for a fresh start in the Rangers organization. (w/ Nathan Barnett)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 – Hanser Alberto

RoughRiders shortstop Hanser Alberto talks about his big three-run home run that lifted the ‘Riders over the Cardinals on Tuesday. He explains the origins of his nickname “Radio” as well. (w/ Nathan)

Friday, May 31, 2013 – 3B Alex Buchholz

In his first week back at Double-A, Alex Buchholz discusses his time with Triple-A Round Rock. In his ever stint at the highest minor league level, Buchholz excelled, and he explained the differences between Double-A and Triple-A pitching as well as the routine of the players around him. (w/ Nathan)

Saturday, June 1, 2013 – 3B Mike Olt

Mike Olt returned from the disabled list and played over the weekend for the RoughRiders. In his first game, he homered to left field, just his second of the season. He hit only one as a member of the Express in his 20 games, but with his vision issues resolved, Mike says he feels more like himself. He talked about his long road to recovery and the legions of doctor visits. (w/ Nathan)

– Nathan

Baseball term of the day: tobasco tapa hard-hit ground ball
(term from The Dickson Baseball Dictionary)

Say it is so Joe!

Say Hello to Joe Benson.

Drafted in the second round, 64th overall by the Minnesota Twins in 2006, Benson entered the Twins system out of Joliet Catholic Academy, signing for $575,000 in a decision to forgo playing college baseball (and maybe football as well) at Purdue University.

In 2006, Benson was a Gulf Coast League Twin (Rookie) for 52 games and then a Beloit Snapper (Class A) for eight more after signing to his professional deal on June 10, 2010–just days after the draft. 1914 days later, he made his Major League debut for the Twins against Jake Peavy and the White Sox.

Another 262 days later, Benson was a Ranger and was optioned to Frisco. The next day he hit his first home run as a Texas farmhand, with Frisco in Tulsa. The following day he hit his second. Last night (2179 days after he signed with Minnesota) he made his Dr Pepper Ballpark debut and hit another.


Benson’s home run and sprint around the bases on Monday (in real time)

Before we go into the waiver process that brought Benson to Frisco, take another look at that journey around the bags by Benson (it might take few moments to load). ‘Riders manager Steve Buechele said it’s the fastest home run trot he’s ever seen, and it wasn’t a one-time performance. This is what he does.

As Joe himself explained it: “before 2010, I never had more than 5 home runs in a season. I started to hitting some balls to right-center, and right off the bat, I would think three. That’s pretty much been my philosophy. If I backspin a ball, and I think it’s getting over an outfielder’s head, I am thinking a triple. By then, if the ball goes over the fence, and the umpire signals home run, I think it looks obnoxious to break it down into a slow jog, so I just kind of keep the pace, touch home plate, and jog back into the dugout.”

On Saturday, May 25, 2013, the Rangers acquired Benson on waivers from Minnesota. The Twins needed to make room for P.J. Walters, and Benson was the roster casualty. From my best understanding of the rule (thanks to BPPurple Row, and @NewbergReport), when a player is placed on waivers, every MLB team is notified and has up to 48 hours to place a claim on the player. If no team placed a claim, Benson could have been removed from the Twins 40-man roster and stayed in their system. If multiple claims were placed on the player, the priority would have gone to the team with the worst record (in either league) on the day the waiver window closed, which should have been Saturday, May 23 (he was claimed by Texas).

Going into Saturday, this is how the top of the MLB Standings looked:

1. St. Louis Cardinals 31-16

2. Texas Rangers 31-17

3. Cincinnati Reds 30-18

This means that 28 other teams passed on Benson (maybe St. Louis did as well, seems likely considering the depth at OF in their system). La Velle E. Neal III has a good piece on how the Twins front office viewed the deal and their interaction with Benson over the weekend.

Benson was once regarded very highly in the Twins system before injuries and issues at the Triple-A level dropped his stock a bit. A two sport start in high school, Benson was, and still is, a great athlete with good speed, a good throwing arm, and a projectable bat with power. Benson was ranked the 8th best prospect in Twins organization by Baseball America entering his first full season in 2007. He rose to second in the system in 2008 after he showed good speed (18 SB) and good patience (49 BB) despite contact issues (124 K) and a lack of power (5 HR) in the Midwest League with the Beloit Snappers. The power was very slow to come around, as he posted four home runs in 2008 and just five in 2009. His stock fell in the system, ranked 15th entering 2009 and then 13th to begin 2010.

But then 2010 happened. Benson exploded for 27 homers, the most in the entire Minnesota organization (Thome had 25 in the bigs). His 23 Double-A home runs ranked fourth in Eastern League tied for the most hit by a New Britain hitter since 2004 when now major leaguer Garrett Jones hit 30. He was still striking out quite a bit (136 in 123 games) but the patience was still there and the power was real.

2006 2 Teams Rk-A 60 215 32 56 11 5 5 29 10 10 21 47 .260 .329 .428 .757
2006 Twins Rk 52 196 30 51 11 5 5 28 9 10 21 41 .260 .335 .444 .779
2006 Beloit A 8 19 2 5 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 6 .263 .263 .263 .526
2007 Beloit A 122 432 73 110 18 8 5 38 18 16 49 124 .255 .347 .368 .715
2008 Beloit A 69 254 39 63 16 3 4 27 17 11 24 73 .248 .326 .382 .708
2009 2 Teams A+-Rk 82 268 47 76 10 3 5 29 15 8 48 74 .284 .414 .399 .813
2009 Twins Rk 2 5 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 2 0 .200 .429 .200 .629
2009 Fort Myers A+ 80 263 46 75 10 3 5 29 14 7 46 74 .285 .414 .403 .817
2010 2 Teams AA-A+ 123 459 81 119 31 8 27 62 19 9 47 136 .259 .343 .538 .881
2010 Fort Myers A+ 21 85 16 25 11 1 4 13 5 0 8 21 .294 .375 .588 .963
2010 New Britain AA 102 374 65 94 20 7 23 49 14 9 39 115 .251 .336 .527 .862
2011 2 Teams AA-Rk 114 409 71 116 29 4 16 67 14 10 58 111 .284 .387 .491 .879
2011 Twins Rk 3 9 2 2 1 0 0 0 1 1 2 2 .222 .364 .333 .697
2011 New Britain AA 111 400 69 114 28 4 16 67 13 9 56 109 .285 .388 .495 .883
2012 4 Teams Rk-AAA 76 277 30 56 13 3 6 36 13 4 30 81 .202 .288 .336 .624
2012 Twins Rk 3 8 1 3 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 2 .375 .444 .500 .944
2012 Fort Myers A+ 8 33 7 10 3 0 1 8 4 0 5 9 .303 .395 .485 .880
2012 New Britain AA 37 141 13 26 6 1 3 20 4 3 13 43 .184 .268 .305 .572
2012 Rochester AAA 28 95 9 17 3 2 2 8 4 0 11 27 .179 .269 .316 .584
2013 2 Teams AAA-AA 45 162 25 33 7 3 4 14 4 2 11 52 .204 .267 .358 .625
2013 Rochester AAA 42 151 20 29 7 2 1 9 4 2 10 50 .192 .256 .285 .541
8 Seasons 691 2476 398 629 135 37 72 302 110 70 288 698 .254 .346 .426 .772
AA (4 seasons) AA 253 926 152 238 54 13 45 141 31 21 109 269 .257 .350 .489 .839
Rk (4 seasons) Rk 60 218 34 57 13 5 5 28 12 13 26 45 .261 .343 .436 .779
A (3 seasons) A 199 705 114 178 34 11 9 66 36 27 73 203 .252 .338 .370 .708
A+ (3 seasons) A+ 109 381 69 110 24 4 10 50 23 7 59 104 .289 .404 .451 .855
AAA (2 seasons) AAA 70 246 29 46 10 4 3 17 8 2 21 77 .187 .261 .297 .558
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Generated 5/29/2013.

Benson earned the Sherry Robertson Award, given to the Twins Minor League Player of the Year in 2010. Baseball America ranked him as a top 100 prospect before the 2011 season, and again he was in the top five in the Twins system, ranked fourth. In September of the year, Benson leapfrogged Triple-A and went straight to The Show. Things didn’t go great for Joe in the big leagues, however. He hit just .239 in 21 games with the Twinkies and did not homer in 74 plate appearances. The strikeouts were still a problem and he didn’t walk much against Major League pitching.

2011 MIN AL 21 74 71 3 17 6 1 0 2 2 2 3 21 .239 .270 .352
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Generated 5/29/2013.

Benson went back to minors to open 2012 and had issues with Triple-A pitching. He was demoted back to Double-A and battled injuries including a left knee issue and a broken left hamate bone in his wrist. Joe says he feels like he is totally healthy this season and wasn’t quite right at the end of the 2012.

He has showed it in his three games with his new organization. Three games. Three home runs. A triple. Five RBI.

Who knows where Joe Benson goes from here. He is out of options and will be a free agent at the end of the season. For now, it’s nice to see him off to a good beginning in his fresh start, and he sure has been a nice addition to this Frisco lineup.

Below is the interview I conducted with Joe before Tuesday’s home debut for the outfielder.


The RoughRiders host the Springfield Cardinals once again tonight at 7:05 pm at Dr Pepper Ballpark. RHP Tyler Tufts opposes RHP Seth Blair, and you can read all about the ‘Riders in tonight’s edition of the game notes.

– Nathan

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‘Riders on the Record: a red-eye and a nearly historic start

‘Riders on the Record is a weekly rundown of the pre-game interviews record by broadcasters Alex Vispoli and Nathan Barnett with RoughRiders players and coaches and occasionally a special guest. You can find all previous editions by clicking here.  

Happy Holiday weekend ‘Riders fans! The RoughRiders play their first evening game on a Sunday tonight in Tulsa, and since it is Sunday, once again it is time for ‘Riders on the Record. Hope you enjoy the entries this week which include the skipper’s side of his ejection a week ago, a former Metroplex star discussing his bout with cancer, a surprising callup’s crazy travel day to Frisco and the thoughts of Carlos Pimentel following his near no-hitter. And there is Fungo Golf, of course.


Sunday, May 19, 2013 – Manager Steve Buechele

This Sunday morning Alex asked Manager Steve Buechele about the hot-hitting of Teodoro Martinez, the hamstring injury to Jared Hoying and the offensive struggles of Ryan Strausborger. He also explains his gripe with the umpires the previous night that led to his ejection. (w/ Alex Vispoli)

Monday, May 20, 2013 – San Antonio Missions RHP Josh Geer

Forney High School graduate and San Antonio Missions right-handed pitcher Josh Geer took some time after batting practice to tell us about his memories of baseball in the Metroplex growing up. The former major leaguer talked about his bout with cancer and where is in physically in his recovery as well as how it changed his mental approach with baseball. He recounts his days in high school with Braves catcher Evan Gattis as well. (w/ Nathan Barnett)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 – OF Ryan Strausborger

Finally catching fire a bit for the ‘Riders offensively, Ryan Strausborger talks about his big hit the previous ballgame and how he feels offensively past the quarter mark of the season. Well on his way to eclipsing his stolen base mark of a year ago, he brings up his desire to be more aggressive on the base paths as well. In the wake of Ross Wolf‘s first Major League start the same day, he talks about what the pitcher was like as a teammate as well. (w/ Alex)

Thursday, May 23, 2013 – OF Barrett Serrato

Newest RoughRiders position player Barrett Serrato has yet to play in a game, but it could be in part because he still has jet lag! He talked about his wild travel day Sunday after getting the call that he had been promoted to Double-A. He talks about his goals for the season and the adjustments he is trying to make him his metal bat days at Purdue. (w/ Alex)

Friday, May 24, 2013 – RHP Carlos Pimentel

A day after the RoughRiders combined for a one-hit shutout, the starting pitcher Carlos Pimentel talks about his special night. Pimentel through the first seven innings and took a no-hitter into the 6th inning. (w/ Alex)

Saturday, May 25, 2013 – RHP Ben Rowen

Following a night in which he picked up his third save of the year, Ben Rowen joined Alex on the pregame show. Despite his very different arm angle, Ben explained that he experiences similar soreness and tire that any other pitcher would. He also talked about his hockey-playing days and his Fungo Golf hobby. (w/ Alex)

– Nathan

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Taking another look at Colby’s rehab start

Colby Lewis made his first rehab start after being shutdown with triceps tendinitis on Monday in Frisco. Lewis makes his second rehab start tonight at 6:05 CT, but it will be with Triple-A Round Rock in Memphis.

Today seemed like a good day to reminiscence on what was a special day here at Dr Pepper Ballpark. The RoughRiders have been fortunate to see a number of rehabbers come through from the Rangers in their 10+ year history, but it is not too often that a man who started and won World Series games dons the ‘Riders uni. In fact, only once (I believe) has Frisco had a rehabber pitch for them who had started a game in the Fall Classic: Kevin Millwood rehabbed for Frisco in 2007 and 2008–and he lost (game two of the 1999 Series while a member of the Braves). Roy Oswalt started a game in the 2005 World Series in Houston, but he was technically not a rehabber during his time in Frisco in 2012.

Here are some photos to commemorate the day:

052513 Blog Lewis and Lineup

Lewis wore #46. He is #48 with the Rangers. Note A.J. Pierzysnki played in this game, although he did not catch Lewis.


The results? A mixed bag. Not great. The rehabber went 2.1 innings and allowed two runs on four hits. Lewis set down the first six men he faced, three on strikes, before running into issues in the third inning.

MiLB posted a clip of Lewis striking out Kalian Sams who, earlier in the series, obliterated a baseball seemingly into thin air to deep left. You can watch that strikeout highlight here.



After the start, Lewis was somewhat discouraged talking to the media. He was not pleased with his velocity, which sat 85-86 mph and topped out at 87. What was expected to be the first of three to four rehab starts, now seems was the first of a somewhat indefinite number, as Lewis said he would tell the Rangers when he was ready.

052013 Lewis presser

052013 Lewis presser 3

Lewis said that it felt like he has been on a roller coaster during this rehab from a torn flexor tendon which cost him the second half of 2012 and all of this season thus far.

Well, the next ride is tonight. Happy viewing, twitter following, and post-game reading to you all tonight, as we see if that roller coaster rides high tonight in Memphis.


Looking forward to tonight’s RoughRiders game at 7:05 pm? The game notes are here!

We also would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Neil Ramirez. The right-hander’s last start came on Sunday with Pierzynski behind the plate AND he is starting tonight! Fitting.

Bonus Photo (AJ catching Neal) on Sunday:


– Nathan

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Photo credits to: Grant Nelson, Nathan Barnett and Ryan Garrett

Wolf gets the call: ‘Riders MLB alum #99

Ross Wolf pitched for the RoughRiders for most of his 2012 season and made one appearance in 2013 for Frisco. Today, he makes his first big league start for the Texas Rangers.

Ross Wolf pitched for the RoughRiders for most of his 2012 season and made one appearance in 2013 for Frisco. Today, he makes his first big league start for the Texas Rangers.

Ross Wolf has made 502 appearances in his professional career. Over those 502 outings, he has tossed 748.1 innings. 18 of those outings were starts, 11 of which came during his first professional year in 2002 for the Jamestown Jammers of the New York Penn League (Short-Season A, at that time with the Florida Marlins) and six of which have come in the last six weeks with the Round Rock Express (Triple-A, Rangers). Before this season, the right-hander hadn’t started a ballgame since 2005.

Wednesday afternoon, Ross Wolf makes his 26th major league appearance. He will balloon his 25 innings pitched at the major league level, and the 30-year-old from Illinois will make his first big league start.

When he does, he will become the 99th RoughRiders player to make the big leagues after his time in Frisco (excluding rehabbers of course). He joins: Joeseph Ortiz (95 – Texas Rangers), Leury Garcia (96 – Texas Rangers), Nick Tepesch (97 – Texas Rangers) and Robbie Erlin (98 – San Diego Padres). He is the first member of the 2013 RoughRiders to appear in the majors.

Ross Wolf spent parts of two different seasons in the bigs: in 2007 he made 14 appearances out of the Florida Marlins bullpen and another 11 outings for the Oakland Athletics during the summer of 2010.

Signed as a minor league free agent after the beginning of the season on April 27, 2012 after being released the same week by Baltimore, Wolf spent the majority of the season in Frisco, with a brief stop in Round Rock.

After just one outing with the RoughRiders this season, Wolf was promoted to Round Rock on April 9, 2013 where he joined the Express rotation, posting just a 1-1 record in six starts despite a very impressive 1.85 ERA and 1.06 WHIP. He walked just nine batters over those six starts in 34 innings pitched.

It’s been 964 days since Wolf has toed the rubber of a big league mound, with his last appearance coming on October 1, 2010, when he pitched a scoreless ninth inning of a meaningless 9-0 Oakland victory over Seattle. Since that date, Wolf has made professional appearances in 113 games, spanning 171.2 innings, and thrown 2,634 pitches.

If you want to get to know the veteran a little bit more, broadcaster Alex Vispoli had a really interesting conversation with Wolf in November in which he discusses the change in his repertoire over the last year and why his first two big league stints didn’t go as well as he would have liked.

Wolf gets the nod in Arlington this afternoon for the series finale against the Oakland Athletics, as the Rangers look to avoid being swept for the first time this year. Wolf is the 8th different starting pitcher used by Texas this season and is taking the spot of another former RoughRiders hurler, Nick Tepesch, who is being skipped with a blister issue.

Adam Morris of LoneStarBall suggests that Wolf will be DFA’d after his start today, which means he could be claimed by another big league team, traded, sent back to the minors, or released, making his future very uncertain, but I am sure he is thrilled to get the chance to prove something today. We here in the ‘Riders media department are excited for him as well, and if he can get a victory, he will do what Yu Darvish couldn’t do last night, get the Rangers a win over the As–which would be a decent claim to fame if nothing else.

– Nathan

Baseball term of the day: wolf (of course) – a fan who constantly criticizes or heckles a player or team 

‘Riders on the Record: a PA legend, the Art of Catching, and a Rangers rehabber

‘Riders on the Record is a weekly rundown of the pre-game interviews record by broadcasters Alex Vispoli and Nathan Barnett with RoughRiders players and coaches and occasionally a special guest. You can find all previous editions by clicking here.  

From a road trip ending chat with the manager, to the stories of one of the longest-tenured RoughRiders employees, and a few things in between, this week provides a great variety of voices for ‘Riders on the Record. Highlights include Wilmer Font talking about his slider and changeup, John Clemens’ impressions of Cal Ripken Jr. as a minor league ballplayer, and Rangers Catching Instructor Hector Ortiz explaining the developmental ladder of catching in the Texas system.

Happy Sunday and enjoy!

Sunday, May 12, 2013 – Manager Steve Buechele

In their Sunday conversation, Alex asks ‘Riders manager Steve Buechele about the state of the rotation and the taxed bullpen. Fresh off a temporary stint as the Rangers first base coach while the team was in Houston, Buechele shares his experiences from the weekend and talks about his offseason interview with the Colorado Rockies for their managerial opening. (w/ Alex Vispoli)

Monday, May 13, 2013 – 1B Brett Nicholas

First baseman Brett Nicholas, carrying the team offensively the last few ballgames talks about his career high home run output. Struggling against lefties, Nicholas explains how he can get better in that department and how is he has been better over his career against lefties. (w/ Nathan Barnett)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 – RHP Wilmer Font

Frisco flamethrower Wilmer Font joined us for the first time this season and talked about where he feels physically at this early point in the season. He explains his mix of pitches, how and when he uses them, and the plan moving forward with his secondary stuff. He also talks about his relationship with Martin Perez, who, at the time, was on the ‘Riders roster on his way back from a wrist injury sustained in Spring Training. (w/ Nathan)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013 – Public Address Announcer John Clemens

John Clemens is celebrating his tenth season as the Frisco RoughRiders public address announcer. A lifelong fan and student of the game, John is rich with stories and talks about his days in minor league baseball in the Northeast when he saw Cal Ripken Jr. as a young player. He explains how he got into the business and who inspired him. (w/ Nathan)

Thursday, May 16, 2013 – OF Teodoro Martinez

Teodoro Martinez, after a slow start, has emerged as one of the most consistent ‘Riders hitters. Coming off his first multi-homer game of his career, he talks about his improved approach over the last month. He talks about his relationship with his family, including his brother Jose who plays minor league baseball in the Braves system. (w/ Nathan)

Friday, May 17, 2013 – Rangers Catching Instructor Hector Ortiz

Rangers Catching Instructor Hector Ortiz was kind enough to join us for the pre-game show during the home stand to talk about the progression of Tomas Telis and the development of catchers in the Rangers system. He spoke briefly about top Rangers catching prospect Jorge Alfaro, playing in Hickory, as well as the general path of catchers in the system: how they move up and what plateaus they need to reach to go from level to level. He also explains the role of new special assistant Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez. (w/ Nathan)

Saturday, May 18, 2013 – MLB Rehabber, RHP Justin Miller

Justin Miller sits down with Nathan Barnett after his first professional inning since 2011, beginning his rehab appearances coming back from Tommy John surgery. A standout for Frisco in 2011, Miller missed the entire 2012 season after undergoing surgery in April of 2012. He talks about his rehab program, how each step went, and where he feels physically now that he is back out on a mound. (w/ Nathan)

– Nathan

Baseball term of the day: wingthrowing arm, usually used in reference to a pitcher’s arm

We’ve got your horse right here: Preakness Edition

Looking for a horse to pull for today? Choose the horse of your favorite ‘Rider!

Newcomer Phil Klein took the Derby, as he was the only ‘Rider to select Orb in the Kentucky Derby contest. With a smaller field in the Preakness, we should have a couple winners this time around…that is unless Departing takes the stakes–only utility infielder Guilder Rodriguez has the 6:1 three-year-old in the fourth position.

Five ‘Riders, all pitchers incidentally, took the chalk with Orb, but another five went with Rick Pitino’s horse Goldencents.

Like last time, the players were given a list of the names of the horses and were told nothing of the odds or their post position. Brett Nicholas, who took the alternate horse in the Derby, selected Governor Charlie in part because no one else had at the time of selection. It’s Jared Hoying’s birthday today, so he went with Itsmyluckyday in honor of the special date. Even Justin Miller weighed in yesterday, selecting Itsmyluckyday as well before he went out and tossed a perfect inning in his first outing since undergoing “Tommy John” surgery last April.

Enjoy the race today, which begins at 3:30 central (and then check out the ‘Riders game at 7:00 pm at Dr Pepper Ballpark, on KTXD or at!). Without further ado…here they are!

The 2013 Frisco RoughRiders

Pick the Preakness Stakes Winner



***Post Position – Horse – Odds – RoughRiders player who selected it***

***(odds of winning as of May 18, 12:00 am CT)***

#1 – Orb – 1:1 – RHP Phil Klein (had Orb in Derby), RHP Roman Mendez, LHP Richard Bleier, RHP Kevin Pucetas, RHP Tyler Tufts

#2 – Goldencents  – 8:1 – C Zach Zaneski, RHP Carlos Pimentel, RHP Ryan Rodebaugh, SS Hanser Alberto, C Tomas Telis

#3 – Titletown Five – 30:1 – RHP Wilmer Font, RHP Arlett Mavare

#4 – Departing – 6:1 – UTIL Guilder Rodriguez

#5 – Mylute – 5:1 – RHP Randy Henry, 3B/OF Alejandro Selen

#6 – Oxbow – 15:1 – LHP Jimmy Reyes, 2B Odubel Herrera, OF Chih-Hsien Chiang, RHP Ben Rowen

#7 – Will Take Charge – 12:1 – OF Teodoro Martinez, RHP Neil Ramirez

#8 – Governor Charlie – 12:1 – 1B / C Brett Nicholas, RHP Kyle McClellan

#9 – Itsmyluckyday – 10:1 – OF Ryan Strausborger, OF Jared Hoying, RHP Justin Miller (MLB rehab assignment)

– Nathan

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