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We’ve got your horse right here: Belmont Edition

Find horse racing boring? Cheer with your favorite RoughRiders player and their horse today!

Coverage is underway and the horses post at 5:30 CT.

Just like in the horse racing, no RoughRider won both of the first two legs of predictions. Phil Klein took the Derby with the selection of Orb. Four players won the Preakness States with Oxbox: Jimmy Reyes, Odubel Herrera, Chih-Hsien Chiang and Ben Rowen

While no one can take all three legs of “We’ve got your horse right” series, if one of the previous winners predicts correctly today they could be the only to select two legs right. If Vyjack wins today, both Ben Rowen and Odubel Herrera would have two wins, but the other three winners are spread over three horse selections.

Like the previous two, the RoughRiders were told the names of the horse but not their odds. Without further ado:

The 2013 Frisco RoughRiders

Pick the Belmont Stakes Winner


***Post Position – Horse – Odds – RoughRiders player who selected it***

***(odds of winning as of June 8, 12:00 pm CT)***

#1 – Frac Daddy – 30:1 – RHP Arlett Mavare, RHP Carlos Pimentel

#2 – Freedom Child – 8:1 – RHP Tyler Tufts

#3 – Overanalyze – 12: 1 – 3B Alex Buchholz, OF Joe Benson, SS Hanser Alberto, IF Guilder Rodriguez

#4 – Giant Finish – 30:1 – RHP Neil Ramirez

#5 – Orb – 3:1 – 1B Brett Nicholas, OF Teodoro Martinez, C Tomas Telis

#6 – Incognito – 20:1 – LHP Jimmy Reyes

#7 – Oxbox – 5:1 – RHP Kevin Pucetas, RHP Ryan Rodebaugh, RHP Justin Miller, RHP Randy Henry

#8 – Midnight Taboo – 30:1 – RHP Wilmer Font

#9 – Revolutionary – 9:2 – RHP Phil Klein, IF/OF Alejandro Selen

#10 – Will Take Charge – 20:1 – C Zach Zaneki

#11 – Vyjack – 20:1 – RHP Ben Rowen, 2B Odubel Herrera

#12 – Palace Malice – 15:1 – OF Ryan Strausborger

#13 – Unlimited Budget – 8:1 – LHP Richard Bleier

#14 – Golden Soul – 10:1 – OF Chih-Hsien Chiang, RHP Nick McBride

– Nathan with heaps of help from Alex

Baseball term of the day: unhitch the ice wagonsyn for unhitch the trailer, a phrase said to encourage a slower player to run faster

We’ve got your horse right here: Preakness Edition

Looking for a horse to pull for today? Choose the horse of your favorite ‘Rider!

Newcomer Phil Klein took the Derby, as he was the only ‘Rider to select Orb in the Kentucky Derby contest. With a smaller field in the Preakness, we should have a couple winners this time around…that is unless Departing takes the stakes–only utility infielder Guilder Rodriguez has the 6:1 three-year-old in the fourth position.

Five ‘Riders, all pitchers incidentally, took the chalk with Orb, but another five went with Rick Pitino’s horse Goldencents.

Like last time, the players were given a list of the names of the horses and were told nothing of the odds or their post position. Brett Nicholas, who took the alternate horse in the Derby, selected Governor Charlie in part because no one else had at the time of selection. It’s Jared Hoying’s birthday today, so he went with Itsmyluckyday in honor of the special date. Even Justin Miller weighed in yesterday, selecting Itsmyluckyday as well before he went out and tossed a perfect inning in his first outing since undergoing “Tommy John” surgery last April.

Enjoy the race today, which begins at 3:30 central (and then check out the ‘Riders game at 7:00 pm at Dr Pepper Ballpark, on KTXD or at!). Without further ado…here they are!

The 2013 Frisco RoughRiders

Pick the Preakness Stakes Winner



***Post Position – Horse – Odds – RoughRiders player who selected it***

***(odds of winning as of May 18, 12:00 am CT)***

#1 – Orb – 1:1 – RHP Phil Klein (had Orb in Derby), RHP Roman Mendez, LHP Richard Bleier, RHP Kevin Pucetas, RHP Tyler Tufts

#2 – Goldencents  – 8:1 – C Zach Zaneski, RHP Carlos Pimentel, RHP Ryan Rodebaugh, SS Hanser Alberto, C Tomas Telis

#3 – Titletown Five – 30:1 – RHP Wilmer Font, RHP Arlett Mavare

#4 – Departing – 6:1 – UTIL Guilder Rodriguez

#5 – Mylute – 5:1 – RHP Randy Henry, 3B/OF Alejandro Selen

#6 – Oxbow – 15:1 – LHP Jimmy Reyes, 2B Odubel Herrera, OF Chih-Hsien Chiang, RHP Ben Rowen

#7 – Will Take Charge – 12:1 – OF Teodoro Martinez, RHP Neil Ramirez

#8 – Governor Charlie – 12:1 – 1B / C Brett Nicholas, RHP Kyle McClellan

#9 – Itsmyluckyday – 10:1 – OF Ryan Strausborger, OF Jared Hoying, RHP Justin Miller (MLB rehab assignment)

– Nathan

Baseball term of the day: garden the outfield

We’ve got the horse right here!

While the ‘Riders were busy winning the series three-games-to-one over against the San Antonio Missions the past few days, we here in the ‘Riders media office were frantically racing around the ballpark to uncover some important data. With the Kentucky Derby set to take place Saturday afternoon (just hours away!), we wanted to know who had the most knowledge off the equine racing elite. Which RoughRider could correctly guess the Kentucky Derby winner?

With no Kentucky natives on the roster, there is no clear-cut front-runner in this quest of bronco brain-busters. Our field of 24 men seems wide open. We of course have Ryan Rodebaugh, a Marietta, Georgia product, so he has the southern connection. That said, a little-known fact of geography reminds me that Kentucky is actually pretty far north for a southern state, and Churchill Downs, awfully close to both Indiana and Ohio. The ‘Riders have three on the roster from Ohio (Hoying, Klein and Tufts) and Strausborger hails from Indiana. None of the RoughRiders moonlight as a jockey (as far as I know), so it seems like this could be anyone’s contest.

So alas, we reveal the picks. The players were given a list of the names of the horses and were told nothing of the odds or their post position. From great research (or sheer luck), Odubel Herrera and Tyler Tufts both picked favorites. Tufts actually mentioned he knew something about his horse selection because it was Rick Pitino’s horse. Newcomer Phil Klein came away with Orb, at six-to-one (and the favorite at seven-to-two just a few days ago)–not too bad for his first week with the team. Ryan Strausborger might be the fastest player on his team, but apparently his horse might be slowest in the field, as he netted the worst odds with Falling Sky at 49-to-one.

The 2013 Frisco RoughRiders

Pick the Kentucky Derby Winner

Kentucky Derby Horse Racing

***Post Position – Horse – Odds – RoughRiders player who selected it***

***(odds of winning as of May 3, 12:00 CT)***

#1 – Black Onyx – SCRATCH – SS Hanser Alberto & RHP Ryan Rodebaugh (Because of the scratch, we have given them Palace Malice)

#2 – Oxbow – 25:1 – UTIL Guilder Rodriguez

#3 – Revolutionary – 5:1 – 2B Odubel Herrera

#4 – Golden Soul – 31:1 – OF Chih-Hsien Chiang

#5 – Normandy Invasion – 8:1 – RHP Neil Ramirez

#6 – Mylute – 14:1 – RHP Jose Mavare

#7 – Giant Finish – 44:1 – OF / 3B Alejandro Selen

#8 – Goldencents – 5:1 – RHP Tyler Tufts

#9 – Overanalyze – 14:1 – C Tomas Telis

#10 – Palace Malice – 26:1 – 1B / C Brett Nicholas, IF Hanser Alberto & RHP Ryan Rodebaugh (not by choice, but because their horses scratched)

#11 – Lines of Battle – 42:1 – C Zach Zaneksi

#12 – Itsmyluckyday – 11:1 – RHP Randy Henry

#13 – Falling Sky -49:1 – OF Ryan Strausborger

#14 – Verrazano – 11:1 – OF Teodoro Martinez & RHP Kevin Pucetas

#15 – Charming Kitten – 32:1 – RHP Cody Buckel

#16 – Orb – 6:1 – RHP Phil Klein

#17 – Will Take Charge – 31:1 – RHP Wilmer Font

#18 – Frac Daddy – 15:1 – RHP Carlos Pimentel, LHP Jimmy Reyes and RHP Ben Rowen

#19 – Java’s War – 22:1 – RHP Roman Mendez

#20 – Vyjack – 43:1 – OF Jared Hoying

Alternate – Fear the Kitten – SCRATCH – 1B / C Brett Nicholas (given Palace Malice because of the scratch)

– Nathan (with plenty of help from Alex and Ryan on this one)

Baseball term of the day: Painting the blacka pitch on the outside edge of the plate