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Miss the last RoughRiders game? Catch up on the action or relive the highlights with ‘Riders Rewind, a daily capsule of yesterday’s big moments. Listen to previous editions of ‘Riders Rewind here.

A 2-1 game, in which all three runs scored in the fifth inning, lasted three hours and 16 minutes and the ball just did not bounce Frisco’s way as Springfield flies out of town with a series victory under wing. Click here to read the game recap.

The tough breaks came on a ground ball from Cody Stanley that took a trampoline bounce over Trever Adams’ head at first and brought home a run for Springfield. They popped up on a great catch by Rafael Ortega in center field to rob Nomar Mazara of a base hit. And on the play when Ortega gambled and let a ball from Hanser Alberto roll under his glove, left fielder Charlie Tilson cleaned up the mess and instigated a 7-4-2 relay that gunned out Teodoro Martinez at home in the eighth. It wasn’t the first time the ‘Riders lost the potential tying run at home. In the seventh, with runners on second and third, Adams bounced a ball to his counterpart Jonathan Rodriguez at first, who rifled home to put away Patrick Cantwell.

Star of the Game: C Patrick Cantwell – 2/3, R, 2B, 2 HBP

It’s no longer out of the ordinary to see Patrick wear a pitch on down to first base. But twice in one game? Pat now has been hit 17 times this season, the most in the Texas League (he’s drawn 14 walks).

In case you missed it:

-The ‘Riders committed six errors in the three-game series. On Thursday, the RoughRiders committed three gaffes, one shy of their season high of four. Coincidentally, that four-error game also dropped against the Cardinals on May 24.

-Jorge Alfaro picked up a pair of singles for his first multi-hit game as a RoughRider.

-Trever Adams batted 0-for-2 and drew a pair of walks, but saw his season-long 13-game hit streak come to an end.

-Gallo watch: 0-for-4, 2 SO

Tough series for Joey, who finished 1-for-12 and accounted for the final out in three innings in which the ‘Riders had men in scoring position.

-A look at the RoughRiders home run leader board (active players only):

1. Joey Gallo (16)

2. Trever Adams (12)

3. Drew Robinson (10)

4. J.T. Wise (5)

4. Jake Skole (5)

6. Teodoro Martinez (3)

7. Chris Grayson (2)

7. Odubel Herrera (2)

9. Patrick Cantwell (1)

9. Jorge Alfaro (1)


Get the inside scoop from the batter’s eye as Jake Skole talks through his big night at the plate against Springfield on Wednesday:


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Very Long Travel Guide

In the Florida State League, no bus trip takes more than four hours. In the Appalachian League, the longest trip is less than five hours. It is much different here in the Texas League.

Thanks to for the image.

To fans, a series finale doesn’t mean too much. To minor league baseball players, a series finale normally means a night on the bus. By the end of the regular season, the RoughRiders will have boarded the bus shortly after 29 of their 40 series finales. You can see how one of those bus trips went here.

Even though the RoughRiders are in the South Division, they actually have longer trips within their division than they do when playing against the North.

The longest trip for the RoughRiders is from Frisco to Corpus Christi, and it takes a little more than seven hours. The trip takes the ‘Riders through Waco, Round Rock, Austin, and San Antonio.

Speaking of San Antonio, that is the shortest trip in the division. Still, it is five hours away, which is a healthy trip in the bus, especially after a game that ends around 10 p.m. The other divisional trip takes the ‘Riders to Midland, and that journey takes around six hours.

The North road trips are a little easier (which is not the case for the other three teams–I’ll get to that in the moment). The bus ride to Springfield–seven hours–is the longest in the North and the second longest in the TL for the ‘Riders. The trips to Northwest Arkansas (five and a half hours), Arkansas (five hours) and Tulsa (four hours) are fairly manageable.

The unfortunate outlier in the TL is Corpus Christi. We mentioned that the RoughRiders’ longest trip is to Corpus. Well, that happens to be the Hooks’ second shortest ride of the season! It takes almost eight hours for them to get to Midland, and they go to Citibank Ballpark four times each season.

How about these trips to the North for the Hooks: Arkansas (11:19), Tulsa (11:21), and Northwest Arkansas (12:31). The big one is the journey to Springfield, which is right around 14 hours. And the Cardinals will make that journey from Corpus back home after their game at Whataburger Field Monday night. That doesn’t sound fun, and things aren’t much easier for San Antonio (longest trip is almost 12 hours) and Midland (longest trip is around 11 and a half hours).

There have been other fun trips in the Texas League throughout the years, such as El Paso, Texas to North Little Rock, Ark. (15:42); Albuquerque, N.M., to Memphis, Tenn. (16:01); El Paso, Texas to Jackson, Miss. (17:17). I don’t know how the schedules or the travel worked during these times. Regardless, the TL has spanned quite an area during its history.

Life in the minor leagues is not as glorious as it sounds. Fortunately for the RoughRiders, they only have five more regular season bus trips left.

– Brian

*Note: All times are according to Google Maps.


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